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The Philippines was a strong base for US Military power and had to be controlled by Japan if they were going to expand in East Asia without US interference.

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Why did Japan control Korea?

Japan did want Korea's farming technology.

How many years did the japan colonized the Philippines?

Actually japan did not colonized Philippines japan invaded Philippines for fuels

Why did Japan want control of Manchuria?

Japan sought to exploit the mineral resources .

Why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

Japan wanted control of the Pacific. They hoped that if they bombed Pearl Harbor, that America would be unable to do anything about Japan having control of China, Korea, Philippines, and even Australia.

Which is bigger Philippines or Japan?

Japan is bigger than Philippines.

Why japan gives independence in Philippines?

Japan siezed control of the Philippines in May 1942 but were driven out 2½ years later in November 1944 (at least that's how long they were on Japan Time, UTC+9). It was the United States that acquired the Philippines from Spain in 1898 and granted them independence in 1946.

Is Japan north or south of the Philippines?

Japan is South-West of the Philippines.

Why is the climate of Japan not similar to the Philippines?

The climate of Japan is not similar to the climate of the Philippines because Japan is much further north than the Philippines.

Are the climates of japan and Philippines are similar or different?

The climates of japan and philippines is different

Why did the emperors want control of trade japan?

Beacause a earth quik happend in japan and tsunami .......

Is Japan west of the Philippines?

No it is to the North of the Philippines.

Compare the climate of Japan and Philippines?

c0mpare the climate of japan and philippines are they similar or diffirent

Why the climate of Japan and Philippines are different?

The climates of Japan and the Philippines are different because Japan is located in the temperate zone and the Philippines are in the tropical zone. Thus Japan has 4 seasons like the USA. Japan has snow in the winter as example and the Philippines have warm weather year round.

What did the Philippines have to do with the US during World War 2?

The Philippines were under the control of the US during those times. The Filipinos were very loyal to the Americans so whatever happened to the Americans at the Philippines, it happened to them. The Philippines were the largest group of islands that was near Japan so it was significant military objective for both Japan and USA.

What year did Japan take over the Philippines?

The year that japan took over the Philippines was 1942!

Why did japan want to control china?

Japan wanted to control China for land and natural resources. The Japanese thought they were the "superrace" and wanted other countries to fear them.

Which island is closer to Japan Australia Hawaii Philippines?

what island is closer to philippines is it japan autralia or hawaii

What are the differences between Japan and Philippines?

sa japan nanay mo sa Philippines tatay mo

How may times japan is bigger than that of the Philippines?

Philippines: 299,764 km2 Japan: 377,944 km2

What is your purpose in japan?

what is your plan in the philippines after working in japan

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