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Why did Keyshia Cole became famous?

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She decided to become famous because of her family. She thought it was a good chance to help her entire family and get them to a better neighborhood and the children away from the ghetto. She also helps her mom, Frankie, and her sister Neffy, with money and her sister's children. Why whoever made her famous decided too? Most likely money.

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How old was Keyshia Cole when she became famous?


What is Keshia Cole famous for?

Her name is Keyshia, not Keshia. But she is famous for her voice and writing her own songs. She became famous by releasing her song The Way It Is in 2005.

Why is Keyshia Cole important?

There are many reasons why people find celebrities and singers important and inspirational. Keyshia Cole is famous for her singing.

Did Tupac know Keyshia Cole before she became famous?

she has said many times he knew her before she was famous and he is the one who said she would be a star

Why is Keyshia Cole famous?

she is famous because of her singing and song writing talents.

Does Keyshia Cole have HIV?

No, Keyshia Cole does not have HIV.

Where is Keyshia Cole from?

Keyshia Cole is from Oakland, California.

Is Keyshia Cole fake?

Keyshia Cole is not fake.

Are Keyshia Cole and J. Cole related?

No keyshia Cole and j. Cole is not related.

Was Keyshia Cole killed?

No, Keyshia Cole is still alive.

What race is Keyshia Cole?

Keyshia cole is Bi- racial

Did Keyshia Cole have a boy?

Yes, Keyshia Cole had a boy.

Do Keyshia Cole married Is keyshia cole in a relashia?

yes she is

What type of education did Keyshia Cole have before she got famous?

Keyshia Cole only had a high school diploma when she got famous. This is probably because she was very young when she started to record her first music.

Is there any pictures of Keyshia Cole when she was a child?

no, there are no pictures of Keyshia cole when she was a child, i believe. no, there are no pictures of Keyshia cole when she was a child, i believe.

Is Keyshia Cole engaged?

Keyshia Cole became engaged to Daniel Gibson, a member of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. The couple is also expecting a baby boy in the spring of 2010.

Is Keyshia Cole Puerto Rican?

No, Keyshia Cole is African-American.

How many kids does Keyshia Cole have?

Keyshia Cole has one child.

Does Soulja Boy like Keyshia Cole?

no keyshia cole has a boyfrend

What is keyshia cole embarrassing moment?

what is keyshia cole embossing moment

Is Keyshia Cole bisexual?

She is definitely not bisexual.

Did Keyshia Cole die in a plane crash?

No, Keyshia Cole is still alive.

How tall is Keyshia Cole?

Keyshia Cole stands at 5'2" without heels.

When was Keyshia Cole born?

Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981.

Is Keyshia Cole dead?

Keyshia Cole is not dead. The singer is still alive.