Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is an American singer who debuted her album "The Way It Is" in 2005.

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Keyshia Cole
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Who sings first real love - old soul song?

The signer for First Real Love - Old Soul Song is Patte labelle

Keyshia Cole

Did Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie die in a car accident?

As of January 1, 2011, it seems that Keyshia Cole's mother, Frankie, is alive and well; she was not involved in any automobile accident. This was a completely false rumor.

This seems to be not the first time that such a rumor has been doing the rounds. In 2009, representatives of Keyshia Cole released the following statement:

"The rumor has absolutely NO truth to it - Frankie has not been in any accident of any kind and is doing well at home in Atlanta."

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Keyshia Cole

Did Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie die from a drug overdose?

All rumors about Keyshia Cole's mother are false. She is very much alive and well.

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Keyshia Cole

Can an 18-year-old be adopted?

This varies from state to state; some states allow adult adoption and some do not.

AnswerNot in Alabama unless special circumstances exist, such as the person having a physical or mental disability that would prevent them from the ability to handle their personal and financial needs. Even so, the usual procedure would be for the court to appoint a guardian/conservator or make the person a "ward of the court" rather than allowing adoption.

Here is the AL law:

Section 26-10A-6

Who may be adopted.

The following persons may be adopted:

(1) A minor.

(2) An adult under any one of the following conditions:

a. He or she is totally and permanently disabled.

b. He or she is determined to be mentally retarded.

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d. He or she consents in writing to be adopted by an adult man and woman who are husband and wife.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-554, p. 912, §6, Act 98-101, p. 118, §1; Act 2004-528, §1.)

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Keyshia Cole

Who is Francine Lons?

Francine (Frankie) Lons is the biological mother of Singer Keyshia Cole. Keyshia was adopted by the Cole family at the age of 2.

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Keyshia Cole

How many kids does Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe have?

Neffeteria Pugh has four children unincluding the baby that died before birth. She has Brianna, Ciara, Star, and Jaylann WeLove Cole.

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Keyshia Cole

Who is Keyshia Cole in a relationship with?

Keyshia Cole is currently dating Dainel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers since March of 2009.

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Keyshia Cole

What is Keyshia Cole's birthday?

Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981 in Oakland, California.

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Keyshia Cole

What is Keyshia Cole's official fan mail address?

There is no fan mail address for Keyshia Cole available.

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Keyshia Cole

What does 'SOS' mean in Keyshia Cole's song ''Long Way Down''?

Save our Ship- SOS emergency distress radio code cipher! in other words- Help! there is a song called SOS by Abba.

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Keyshia Cole

What are Keyshia Cole's tattoo meanings?

The star represents her and her faith. The cross also represents faith and belief. The heart represents love, her pain, and her struggles.

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Keyshia Cole

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Keyshia Cole

Is Keyshia Cole pregnant?

Keyshia Cole was pregnant. She and her husband Daniel Gibson had a baby named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr on March 2, 2010.

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Keyshia Cole

Did Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson get married yet?

Yes, they got married on May 21st, 2011.

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When is the next church fenton air show?

I don't think they have them anymore. I live nearby and haven't seen or heard one in years

Keyshia Cole

What is Keyshia Cole's ethnicity?

She is from Oakland, California - United States and is of African-American descent.

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Keyshia Cole

Which high school in St. Louis did Zach Miner attend?

Stan Musial Memorial High.

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Keyshia Cole
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What is Keyshia Cole's mother's name?

Her mother's real name is Francine (Frankie) Lons.

Keyshia Cole

What are Keyshia Cole's siblings' name?

Neffe(older sister) Elite(younger sister) Sammy(Younger brother) Robert(younger brother)and a older brother name was never mention

Keyshia Cole

How is Keyshia Cole doing after her mother's death?

Her mother is still alive, her death is nothing more than a rumor.

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Keyshia Cole

Who is the man in Keyshia Cole's ''Trust'' music video?

the man is model christian ragin i googled him and i saw pics it iz definitely him

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Keyshia Cole

Is Keyshia Cole bisexual?

She is definitely not bisexual.


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