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Michael Jackson had a skin disorder called Vitiligo that made his skin turn white in patches. He underwent depigmentation to give his skin a uniform color.

He had surgery on his nose after he fell and broke it during a dance routine, during the operation to have it fixed he had it reshaped/made smaller, that surgery resulted in him having breathing problems to he had another operation to correct it, once again choosing to have it made smaller. He chose to make it smaller because he had a poor self image regarding his nose due to his father making fun of how his nose looked [see Related Link for details].

He had a chin implant to look more masculine.

See the Related Link below for a photographic history of the changes to his face.

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What the hecklkk
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I mean I understand like the disease but if he was me i whould be like mmm no Iโ€™m outta here

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Did Michael Jackson need plastic surgery after burn?


How many times did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery?

He only admitted to having plastic surgery twice.

Examples of celebrities who did plastic surgery for fun?

Michael Jackson

How did Michael Jackson overcome hisnose problems?

plastic surgery

Why did Michael Jackson want plastic surgery?

Because he broke his nose.

Why did Michael Jackson have a little nose?

cuz he had a lot of plastic surgery.

Why did Michael Jackson keep getting plastic surgery?

he claims he only had plastic sugery on his nose.

Has Michael Jackson ever had stitches?

yes.... Michael Jackson had stitches before because when he had plastic surgery on his nose he had to get stitches .

Who's careers were ruined by plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery ruined the careers of Meg Ryan, Michael Jackson, and Lindsay Lohan.

Why did Michael Jackson changed his nose?

Michael Jackson had broken his nose during a dance routine. This was the first plastic surgery. His second was due to breathing difficulties brought on by the first plastic surgery. He then later had third plastic surgery around the time his hair caught fire.

When did Michael Jackson first get plastic surgery?

He had his first surgery in 1979 because he fell and broke his nose.

Was Michael Jackson happy with plastic surgery?

yes he was very very happy.

Is you true that Michael Jackson broke his nose so had plastic surgery?


How Michael Jackson looked before his plastic surgery?

like in jackon 5

Why did Michael Jackson have to have plastic surgery?

Michael Jackson never actually had to have plastic surgery. There was nothing wrong with his appearance before he had any plastic surgery. However, he felt insecure, and he believed that he could look better, and since as a professional performer his appearance was important to him, he thought it was worth getting surgery. This was one of a number of serious mistakes that he made.

How did Michael Jackson get ugly?

He was not ugly because of his plastic surgery he won't ugly period

Why did Michael Jackson plastic surgery fail?

That would be a matter between his surgeon and himself.

How old was Michael Jackson when he got first plastic surgery?

20 years old he was 20

How much plastic surgery did Michael Jackson have?

He had a chin implant/cleft and a couple of nose jobs.

Was Michael Jackson a part of racism?

NO, Michael Jackson was not a racist Michael Jackson Could Never Be Racist At All..

What do you do to look like Michael Jackson?

Either you already resemble him( I know a boy who resembles a teenage Michael) or you get plastic surgery.

Did Michael Jackson fail plastic surgery?

No, he wanted to look the way that he does.Sophiaa...xhe ha like 3 plastic surgrys

How many times has Michael Jackson had plastic surgery?

He had plastic surgery twice. There are many rumors that he went crazy with them, but he didn't. His first nose job was because he broke his nose.

What kinds of plastic surgery has Michael Jackson had?

He had his nose done at least twice and a cleft put in his chin.

Why did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery on his nose?

He was practicing a dance routine in 1979 and he fell and broke his nose.

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