Why did Mr McMahon fake his death?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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So he would know if people liked him or not or they cared about him or not

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Q: Why did Mr McMahon fake his death?
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How did they fake Mr. McMahon's death?

they taped the limosuine eplosion the Saturday night before RAW

How did mr McMahon fake his own death?

A limousine exploded with him 'inside'. It was shown live on RAW but it was taped 2 days prior.

Are mr McMahon and Brett hart really enemies?

maybe.... or no because remember wrestling is fake

Did mr McMahon get the WWE from his grandfather?

Father And Grandfather that's right vince McMahon's grandfather first had it then his father then vince k McMahon now

Did Mr McMahon know death was near?

He isn't dead, and has not even been close to being dead.

When does WWE begin?

in 1952 it was found by Mr McMahon and in 1954 it started by Mr McMahon

Who is mr mcmahons son?

Mr. McMahon's son is Shane McMahon. He is known for his involvement in regular on-screen appearances as a wrestler and executive in WWE.

Is WWE still discusing about Owen hart's death?

No, they're not discussing about that (although Mr. McMahon wouldn't possibly forget that)

Who started the WWE?

Vincent McMahon senior. Mr McMahon's dad.

Is WWE ever goin to get rid of mr McMahon?

NO! Mr. McMahon is the owner of WWE as well as one of its best heels!

Is Mr McMahon okay?

vince McMahon suck horse dick lol

Who is the billionaire wrestler?

mr McMahon