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It gets the name from the fact that it is to be played with each other.(we) The two I's in Wii resemble two people standing next to each other.

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Are the Wii and Nintendo Wii the same?

Actually, "Wii" is the proper name for the Nintendo's game console. It's Nintendo's first home console without "Nintendo" in name. In other words, it is the same thing just a shorten version

What is the difference between a PSP and Nintendo?

A PSP (PlayStation Portable) is an older model handheld console from Sony Computer Entertainment INC and sold under the PlayStation family of products, while Nintendo is the name for the product line that includes the Wii console and newer Nintendo Wii U console and the Nintendo DS and newer Nintendo 3DS portable game players.

What is the Nintendo black?

Nintendo Black is apparently the code name for the new next-gen console that Nintendo is developing due out around 2012

What will be the next Nintendo game console after Wii?

I`v heard rumors about the next one coming some people say its name is "wii 2.0"

Where can one purchase a Wii console?

One can purchase a Wii Console from the following retailers: Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Nintendo, Argos, Game, Asda, The Hut, PC World, Currys, to name a few.

What is the name of the penguin game console?

Club Penguin doesn't have a console.

Who invented Nintendo Wii game conssal?

Nintendo invented the Wii console. If you're looking for a name, there was not just a single person who made it. There were multiple people. However, some prominent figures is helping to make the Wii include Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo), Kenishiro Ashida (Game Designer), and Shigeru Miyamoto (Game Designer as well).

What is the gaming console SNES?

the SNES is a console called the super Nintendo entertainment system. (long name, huh?) the SNES is the sequel kind of thing to the NES (Nintendo entertainment system) hope you liked my awnser!

What was the name of the first ever game console?


How did the Nintendo d.s begin?

would not be the successor to the Nintendo GameCube,[8] but rather it would be considered a "new Game Boy". On January 20, 2004, the console was announced under the codename "Nintendo DS" (which initially stood for Developer's System). Nintendo released a few details at that time, only saying that the console would have two separate 3-inch TFT LCD display panels, separate processors, and up to 1 gigabit of semiconductor memory. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, "We have developed Nintendo DS based upon a completely different concept from existing game devices in order to provide players with a unique entertainment experience for the 21st century." In March, the codename was changed to "Nitro" and a document containing most of the console's technical specifications was leaked. In May, the codename was changed back to "Nintendo DS" and the console was shown in prototype form at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). All of the features of the console were revealed by Nintendo at E3. On July 28, 2004, Nintendo revealed a new design, one that was described as "sleeker and more elegant" than the one shown at E3. Also, the codename "Nintendo DS" became the official name of the console that day.

Is the Nintendo Switch portable?

Yes. The Nintendo Switch can be portable. That's part of the beauty of the "Switch" name. It is designed to be a home console and easily connect to your TV, but it can also be very simply undocked and carried with you... so you have the benefits of a home console AND a portable gaming system.

What was the name of the first game console to come out?

The Magnavox Odyssey I think

What is the name of a Nintendo 3DS game?

The name of one of the games for the Nintendo 3ds is Naruto - Powerful Shippuden. This game would be based on the popular anime, Naruto, which is about ninja's and their different villages.

What is a Nintendo DS game pack?

A DS 'Game Pak' is just the name for the game cartridges themselves.

When did the video game 'The Legends of Zelda' appear on the Nintendo Wii?

The video game, "The Legends of Zelda" first appeared on the Nintendo Wii in November 2006. The name was "Twilight Princess"; it was the Nintendo Wii's first Zelda game.

What is the Wii 2?

It is the project name for Nintendo's next video game console.

What was the name of that old computer game where you climb an icy mountain?

Well...If you are refering to a game for Computer...I think you're wrong...Did you mean to say Nintendo?...There is this game called IceClimbers For Nintendo...I dont really know If its for a computer but you can install a nintendo emulator

Does Naruto have a game out for Nintendo DS?

yes.The name of the naruto game is naruto ninja council 3

Do Game Boy advance had a game name Pokemon pearl version?

No, Pokémon Pearl is for the Nintendo DS.

Who is the game makers name for Nintendo?

Nintendo is not just one person. Nintendo games are created by a team of advanced computer programmers. otherwise, nothing would get done

What is a Ps3?

A PS3 is a shortened name of the Sony game console known as the 'Playstation 3'.

What are some Nintendo consoles?

to be connected to your TV: (old->new) Color TV Game series NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii Handhelds: (Old->new) Nintendo Game & Watch Nintendo Game Boy Game Boy Pocket Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo DS (Lite) Nintendo DSi (XL) Nintendo 3DS (not the real name, will be announced at the E3 this year) There was also the Virtual Boy but it was bad for the gamers health, so it wasn't produced very much.

How many times do you have to say your new dog's name in Nintendo d game Nintendo Dogs?

You have to say it exactly 7 times.

how did Nintendo get its name?

nintendo got it name from china found as yamauichi nintendo it mean leave luck to heaven

How do you say Wii in French?

the game console Wii is sold under the same name in French.