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The Maysville Road Bill would have allowed government to purchase stock in a company that was organized for the purpose of constructing a road that would link Lexington, KY and Maysville, KY. President Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill, on the grounds that federal monies should only be used for the benefit of the country as a whole, and not for localized ventures.

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Q: Why did President Jackson veto the Maysville Road Bill?
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What issue influenced President Jackson to veto the Maysville Road Bill?

President Jackson vetoed the Maysville Road Bill because he wanted to state to fund the fixing of roads not the federal government.

What did President Andrew Jackson do in 1830 about The Maysville Road bill that proposed the Federal government purchase stock in a Turnpike Road Company to build a road?

It was bill to fund the building of 60 mile road originating in Maysville, KY. President Jackson vetoed it because he thought federal funds should only go to building state highways.

Maysville road veto 1830?

The Maysville Road veto of 1930 vetoed a bill that would have allowed the Federal government to purchase stock in the Turnpike Road Company. Andrew Jackson vetoed it on the basis that it was unconstitutional.

What issue influenced President Jackson to veto the Maysville Road Bil?

He got punched in the face by a black kid.

What was the Maysville Road veto?

There was a bill to fund the building og a road to connect Maysville, KY to somewhere else in KY. Jackson vetoed it because he did think that federal funds should go to building state highways.

What are three things that Andrew Jackson did when he was president?

Replaced many government workers that had served under Adams with men of his own choosing.Vetoed a bill to build a federal road in Maysville, KyVetoed a bill to renew the charter of the national bank.

What was Jackson's view on state's rights?

Jackson believed in following the Constitution which says that all powers not explicitly given to the federal government ,belong to the states. Accordingly he vetoed the Maysville road bill because the road lay entirely in the state of Kentucky and could not be called a national highway.

Where is the Maysville Public Library in Maysvile located?

The address of the Maysville Public Library is: 9247 Gillsville Road, Maysvile, 30558 1718

Why did Jackson veto the Maysville Road bill?

The road lay entirely in one state ( KY). The US Constitution does not list road-building as one of the duties of the federal government and states that everything not listed as federal belongs to the states. Also, the fact that Henry Clay , his arch rival was senator from KY may have made the veto even more attractive.

Where is the American Road Horse Natural Museum Inc in Maysville Kentucky located?

The address of the American Road Horse Natural Museum Inc is: 177 E 2Nd St, Maysville, KY 41056-4105

What president has been least interested in expanding national spending?

Probably Andrew Jackson. He vetoed the Maysville Road expenditure and generally believed that the federal money should not spend money on projects limited to just one state. He also balanced the budget and paid back the national debt with the money obtained from selling government land.

What has the author Nicholas Daniel Coleman written?

Nicholas Daniel Coleman has written: 'Speech of Mr. Coleman of Kentucky on the bill subscribing one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the Maysville and Lexington Road' -- subject(s): Roads

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