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To prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

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Why did the United States invade North Vietnam when the war was going on?

how come the united states did not invade north vietnam to end the war

Did the United states win the war with Vietnam?

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

When did president eisenhower declarE war on Vietnam?

The United States never officially declared war on Vietnam or North Vietnam.

Was the veitnam war a war?

Yes; the nation of North Vietnam against the United States.

When did the United States officially declare war on Vietnam?

There was never any declaration of war by the United States against North Vietnam or any other country that was involved in the conflict.

Was it actually a war Vietnam war?

Dictionary:War- Armed conflict between two or more nations. Vietnam War: United States vs North Vietnam. It computes.

What were some reasons that the United States go t involved in the Vietnam war?

The primary objective of the United States was to prevent South Vietnam from falling to the communist north.

What were the sides to the Vietnam war?

The North Vietnam Army (NVA) and the United States.(with help from Australia and minimal help from South Vietnam)

Who was the Vietnam war between originally?

Mainly South Vietnam and the United States of America against North Vietnam and the Viet Cong.

Why did the vitenam war start?

North Vietnam wanted to take over South Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist rule and South Vietnam was supported by us, the United States.

Who took part in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was between North and South Vietnam, although the United States did join the battle on the side of the South Vietnamese to help battle the communist North.

Why did the United States help south Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

in order to prevent South Vietnam from becoming communist like North Vietnam.

What were the sides in vietnam?

The Vietnam War was fought in North and South Vietnam. The main belligerents were the South Vietnamese and the United States against the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.

How was or was not The Vietnam War a civil war?

It was not a civil war because it was mainly The North Vietnam Army (NVA) vs the United States and our allies like Australia.

Why did the United States enter the war in Vietnam?

The United States entered The Vietnam War to stop the Spread of Communism in Indochina

Who faught in Vietnam?

The Vietnam war is also called the Second Indochina War. The war was fought by between North Vietnam who were supported by China and Soviet Union and South Vietnam which was supported by the United States.

What were the reasons given for fighting between the United States and Vietnam?

The war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The US was fighting with the Republic of South Vietnam to prevent an invasion by the Communist North Vietnam.

Who were the major stake holders of the vietnam war?

The warring parties were North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The major stakeholders were Japan, France, Vietnam and the United States.

What is the importance of the Gulf on Tonkin?

It changed the war from a guerrilla war in South Vietnam to a conventional war & commenced open warfare between the United States and North Vietnam.

How were Vietnam able to gain independence?

South Vietnam was not able to gain independence from North Vietnam. North Vietnam took over the country during the Vietnam War and the United States Army left in defeat.

What countries were envolved in the Vietnam war?

North and South Vietnam,France,the United States, Australia, South Korea, & New Zealand

Results of Vietnam war?

In the end of the Vietnam War, The united states agreed to get out of vietnam, if the NVA would not attack (north vietnamese) but as soon as they left, the NVA atacked Saigon, ending the war, and making both south and north vietnam, one country (communist)

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