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Vietnam didn't divide after WW2 (1945); it divided in 1954 at the end of the French Indochina War.

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Q: Why did Vietnam divide after World War 2?
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Related questions

What was Vietnam called after World War 2?

Vietnam was called Vietnam after World War 2.

What was first Vietnam or World War 2?

World War 2 (1939 to 1945) preceded the Vietnam War (1956 to 1975) .

Whitch cam first World War 2 or Vietnam war?

World War 2 was from September 1939 to 1945 and the Vietnam War was from the late 1950s to 1975.

Was Vietnam war in World War 2?

Vietnam war was completely separate from WW2. It was its own conflict.

Is World War 2 the same as Vietnam war?

No. World War 2 was a war between the Allied countries and Germany. Vietnam was between the United States and Vietnam. Both wars also occurred during different times.

Who did not support the Vietnam?

Most of the hippies and liberals did not support the Vietnam. that's why we pulled out of Vietnam during the war. we did not pull out in world war one and world war 2 because america was geared in for the war, but Vietnam, not all of america was in for it.

Was world war 2 the cause of the Vietnam war?

The cold war was.

How was the Vietnam War similar to World War 2?

both of them was a war

Is the Vietnam war the bloodest war during World War 2?

ww2 ended in 1945. Vietnam war started in 1959.

Was World War 2 before the Vietnam war?

Yes, it was.

Who ruled the Vietnam territory from 1887 to the beginning of World War 2 and after World War 2?


In World War 2 who lead the Vietnam?

WWII "ITSELF" had nothing to do with Vietnam.

What was going on in the world during Andy Warhol?

World War 2, Vietnam War

What country ruled over Vietnam from 1800 until World War 2?

Vietnam was a French colony up until World War 2, when Japan invaded it. The Vietnamese were able to fight off the Japanese. After the war, France attempted to retake Vietnam, which created North and South Vietnam, leading to the Vietnam War.

What war had more casualties the Vietnam War or World War 2?


World War 2 and the Vietnam War?

Total war vs limited war.

Did the Vietnam war start before world war 2?

No WW2 was in the 1940's Vietnam was 60's

Was the Vietnam war in World 1 or 2?

The Vietnam War took place between September 26, 1959 and April 30, 1975, beginning 14 years after World War 2 ended.

Was the vietnam war part of World War 2?

No. World War II happened from about 1942 to 1946. The significant U.S. involvement in the Vietnam conflict was from about 1964 to 1973.

What war did general MacArthur not participate world war 1 world war 2 the Korean war or the Vietnam war?

he did not participate in vietnam. He was discharged from the service in 1951 by Truman for disrespecting his superiors.

What happened first World war 2 or the Vietnam war?


How did World War 2 lead to the war to Vietnam?

WWII (the atomic bomb) created the cold war. Vietnam was a hot battle of the cold war.

Was Vietnam a French colony before World War 2?

Yes. Vietnam was part of French Indochina beginning in the 19th Century, many years before World War 2.

Who occupied Vietnam after World War 2?


When did japan control in Vietnam?

World War 2.