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Q: Why did Washington think that asking British government to reduce taxes is wrong?
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Why did Washington believe that just asking the British government to reduce taxes is the wrong course of action?

I assume we have the same text that came with this question, and he's saying in a very passive aggressive way that the petition would've been fine if the colonists had agreed to the taxes. However, they didn't, so a simple petition wouldn't get Britain to do anything and harsher actions needed to be taken to get the King's attention.

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Why does asking the British government to reduce taxes is the wrong course of action?

Asking any government to reduce taxes is the wrong course of action because the authorities will now consider you to be mentally unstable. Governments need your tax dollars to pay for all the equipment that is needed to maintain continuous monitoring of the general population. The general population is a great danger to governments and must be carefully monitored to detect any citizen who may be deviating from the established parameters designated to define a good citizen. Any person not conforming to the established parameters is a clear and present danger to the state and must be eliminated from the general population to minimize the intellectual contagion that may from contact with the deviant. The act of asking any government to reduce taxation is considered deviant behavior. Any stories of people asking for tax reductions and receiving them are urban legends or science fiction. To ask you government for a reduction is therefore a psychotic break with reality and can only be dealt with institutionally. You will never be heard from again.

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How did the daughter's of liberty respond to the towshend acts?

The Daughters of Liberty responded to the Townshend Acts by organizing boycotts of British goods and promoting domestic manufacturing to reduce dependence on British imports. They also engaged in public protests and demonstrations to show their opposition to the colonial taxation imposed by the British government.

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Government should decrees the taxes.

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Delegates to the Washington Naval Conference tried to reduce construction of large ships.

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Free healthcare, education, and food stamps are types of US government policies that are used to reduce poverty.