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Why did adolf Hitler marry Eva braun?

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Hitler knew that the Russians were all over Berlin and that the inevitable was not far, so he just wanted to do something special and make the relationship legitimate before they died in a suicide pact. Hitler and Eva Braun had no children, they married on April 29, 1945, witnessed by Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann, when Russian howitzers were booming all around the Reich Chancellery and they committed suicide on April 30, 1945. It is said that Eva Braun was pregnant at that time, but there are no confirmed reports. Adolph Hitler and Eva Hitler were cremated by Martin Bormann and other Nazis, though there are unconfirmed reports that parts of Hitler's charred body are in Russia (though this could be Stalinist Propaganda). Hitler and Eva Braun were 56 years and 33 years old respectively, when they died. They met first in 1929, when Hitler introduced himself as "Herr Wolff", his favorite nickname in the 1920s. They began a relationship only in 1932, when HItler's cousin and alleged girlfriend Geli Raubel allegedly committed suicide (or was rumored to have been murdered by Hitler's henchmen). Eva Braun attempted suicide twice, once in 1932 and then in 1935. It was due to Hitler's liaison with top German actress Renate Mueller, who in turn either committed suicide or was murdered by the Gestapo in 1937. It is strange that all the women Hitler loved committed suicide or were murdered.

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Did Adolf Hitler marry his cousin Eva?

Hitler did marry Eva Braun, but she was not his cousin.

When did Adolf Hitler marry Eva braun?

Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun 2 days before his suicide.

Who did Adolf Hitler marry?

Eva braun

Did adolf Hitler marry anybody other than Eva braun?

No, Hitler only married Eva Braun.

Did Hitler marry Eva braun?

Yes, Adolf Hitler Married Eva Braun 29 April, 1945 in the Führerbunker, Berlin.

Did Adolf Hitler marry?

yes, and in fact, he married with EVA BRAUN.

Who married Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun

What was Eva Braun involved with?

With Adolf Hitler.

Who was married to Adolf Hitler?

Eva Braun

Who did Adolf Hitler like?

Eva Braun .

Who Married Adolf Hitler for less than 40 hours?

Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun.

In what year did Eva Braun marry Adolf Hitler?

Eva Braun married Adolf Hitler in the year of 1945, on April 29. This marriage was held as a small ceremony, and it was only 40 hours before the two committed suicide.

Who did adolf hiter marry?

Eva Braun

In what year did Adolf Hitler marry Eva braun?

He married her in the Berlin bunker at the end of the war in 1945.

Who is the wife of adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was married (for a short time) to Eva Braun.

Whose mistress was Eva braun?

Adolf Hitler

When did Adolf Hitler and Eva braun meet?


Who got married with Adolf Hitler?

Eva Braun

Did adolf Hitler have any children to Eva braun?


Who died on April 12th 1945 Adolf Hitler And Eva Braun?

Hitler and Eva Braun died on 30 April 1945.

Did Adolf Hitler die by assassination?

Although Adolf Hitler's death is not clear, Adolf Hitler did not die by assassination. It is known that he had suicided with his wife, Eva Braun. Adolf Hitler was known to be killed by a gun while Eva Braun had ingested poison.

How many wives did Adolf Hitler have?

Only one, Eva Braun-Hitler.

Who were the wives of Adolf Hitler?

Hitler only had one wife, Eva Braun.

Who loved Adolf Hitler?

Eva Braun did, his mother also.

How many children did Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have?