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How was music in 1940's?

it was mainly jazz and big brass bands.

Name one reason big bands of the 1940'sdied out?

All brass was melted down to make Ammo in WWII - hence no more big bands! :-)

Why big bands of the 1940's died?

try searching google i dont know

Why did the band big bands die out during the 1940's?

Changing musical tastes, and money. It was extremely expensive to travel with and pay 15-20 musicians in a band.

Why did the big bands band die out in the 1940s?

Actually they didn't die out. Today it is called swing and the sound is the same. There are modern bands who have CD's out.

Why did big bands in 1940s die out?

swing music took over

When did Big Nose Kate die?

Big Nose Kate died on 1940-11-02.

Where is the trumpet played?

Marching Bands, Orchestras, Big bands, concert bands, Jazz bands, and sometimes but rarely rock bands. Marching Bands, Orchestras, Big bands, concert bands, Jazz bands, and sometimes but rarely rock bands.

Why did big bands of the 1940s die out?

The recording strike of 1942 dealt a blow to the big bands, from which they never recovered. In the late 1940s, bebop replaced big band as the most popular form of music among American youth.

Name one reason Big Bands of the 1940's died out?

There is new music now with new genres that people enjoy more

What was one reason big bands of the 1940 died out?

The advent of television allowed people to be entertained at home instead of going to dance at a large club with swing music.

Name one reason the big bands of the 1940's died out?

Music is very much subject to changing fashions. Big bands gave way to crooning and ballads, and then to a whole series of other musical genres. The public enjoys novelty; no single genre of music remains dominant forever, although musical genres also do not tend to be completely forgotten, either, and there are still people who love the big bands and play their recordings.

Name on reason big bands of the 1940 died out?

My late father's cousins were Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, who were 2 of the most famous bandleaders of the 1940's until they died in 1957 & 58. They died too young. The big bands were popular in the 40's and part of the 50's, until rock n roll overtook swing music. Big bands have never actually died out, in fact they are making a comeback, with young people particularly attracted to this music. Linda Rondstedt, Michael Buble, Sting, and Rod Stewart, are just a few musicians, that have crossed over into this genre.

What are the most popular 1940's rock bands?

Rock and Roll as a musical genre didn't exist until the 50's. In the 40's Big Band swing music was the standard. Jimmy Dorsey was big at the time.

What actors and actresses appeared in Echoes of the Big Bands - 1990?

The cast of Echoes of the Big Bands - 1990 includes: Merv Griffin as Host

What are the release dates for Four Shall Die - 1940?

Four Shall Die - 1940 was released on: USA: 15 October 1940

How old was Doris Day when she did her first show?

Doris Day preformed (singing and dancing) as a child in Ohio. For years she travelled and sang with big bands until she finally made it to Hollywood in the 1940's.

Name of jazz bands from the 1940s?

men's band in 1940's featuring margret luncar?

What is the value of a 1940 Singer sewing machine in a sewing table with drawers?

this does not belong in Bands and Artists

Who were some bands in 1940?

Below are some of the bands of the 1940s. Glenn Miller Harry James Jimmy Dorsey Tommy Dorsey Duke Elington Benny Goodman

Does big five sell exercise bands?


What are the best bands this year?

big time rush

What are the release dates for Doomed to Die - 1940?

Doomed to Die - 1940 was released on: USA: 12 August 1940 Sweden: 26 September 1941

How big was Auschwitz in 1940?

In 1940 it was built to accommodate about 16,000 prisoners, but it was later expanded.

Is swing and big band the same?

Swing and big band are related. Although there were some small groups that were definitely swing bands, they mirrored the style and most of the arrangements of the big bands. However big bands also played dance music and ballads that weren't really swing tunes even though they used the same instrumentation.

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