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Bob thought he'd be welcomed as a hero for killing Jesse James . He was treated more as a coward for shooting him in the back.

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Who did bob ford kill in 1882?

Jesse James

Which outlaw was killed by Bob Ford?

Jesse James

Was Robert ford Jesse James cousin?

Robert Ford was son of William Ford , Jesse James and Bob were not cousins. The real reason Robert Ford shot Jesse James was due to James rather brutal interogation of Bill Fords son and 15 year old cousin Samuel Ford. Jesse James tortured Samuel to try to gain information on the whereabouts of Jim Cummins a former gang member who Jesse had grown paranoid about. Bob and Charlie both held deep seeded resentments but especially Bob Ford, hated the way Jesse James had tried to extract the whereabouts of Cummins from Samuel. This was the real reason why both Bob and Charlie joined Jesse james, to exact revenge for the treatment of their cousin Samuel at the hands of James. On April 3, 1882 they acheived their revenge.

Did bob ford kill Jessie james?

im pretty sure he's alive

What actors and actresses appeared in Jesse James - 1927?

The cast of Jesse James - 1927 includes: Mary Carr as Mrs. Zerelda Samuels William Courtright as Parson Bill Silver King the Horse Nora Lane as Zerelda Mimms Montagu Love as Frederick Mimms James Pierce as Frank James Fred Thomson as Jesse James Harry Woods as Bob Ford

Did Jesse James want to be murdered so he planned his death?

Jesse James is thought to have planned out his death with Bob Ford but the truth is that James suspiciously took his jacket and gun belt off which to many and to me means that he wanted to be murdered because he gave Ford a perfect shot of the back of his head when he turned around to dust a picture up high on a wall.

What nicknames does Jesse Bob Harper go by?

Jesse Bob Harper goes by Jesse Bob Harper, and Badger.

Why Jesse James was shot?

For the most part, Jesse James was shot for the reward money and the noteriety. Governor Crittenden has been negotiating with the Ford brothers to capture and bring in Jesse. Bob Ford, the younger brother, opted to shoot Jesse twice in the back of the head while he was adjusting a tilted picture at Jesse's house in St. Joseph, Missouri where they had been staying. The Fords attempt to collect the reward was never realized. They were arrested, tried, and convicted fo first degree murder and sentenced to hang. Their sentences were pardoned by governor Crittenden.

How tall is Jesse Bob Harper?

Jesse Bob Harper is 5' 6 1/2".

What city was jesse james killed in?

St Joseph, MO Jesse James was apparently shot and killed at 1318 Lafayette St. in St. Joseph, Missouri, on April 3, 1882. He and his gang had rented a house there as a hideout, and his associate Bob Ford allegedly shot him in hopes of collecting a $5000 bounty solicited by the governor of Missouri. Rumors that the body was misidentified (that James had faked his death) continued for several years. Ford and his brother Charley were tried, convicted, and just as quickly pardoned, but had to flee the state.

Who was the actor who played Mr Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird?

James Anderson played Bob Ewell in the 1962 film of To Kill a Mockingbird.

How did boo kill Bob Ewell?

Bob ewell was trying to kill scout and jem

Did bob martin kill Luke Skywalker?

No Bob Martin did not kill Luke Skywalker.

Who does bob kill in the outsiders?

Bob attempts to kill Ponyboy in the fountain at the park. Johnny kills Bob to protect Ponyboy.

When was Bob James born?

Bob James was born on December 25, 1939.

Which Actresses appeared with Bob Hope in a western?

Hope starred in comedy westerns with Jane Russell in The Paleface and Son of Paleface, and with Rhonda Fleming in Alias Jesse James.

Who does Jesse Zavala live with in corona ca?

Bob Smith

Did Henry Ford have a cousin named Bob Ford?


What is Robert James 'Bob' Fitzsimmons's birthday?

Robert James 'Bob' Fitzsimmons was born on May 26, 1863.

When was Robert James 'Bob' Fitzsimmons born?

Robert James 'Bob' Fitzsimmons was born on May 26, 1863.

What kind of clothes did dukes wear?

Bob,daysi,uncle Jesse ?

Is Jesse a dumb name?

No, Jesse is not a bad name.No it's no but Wayne , Bill ,Bob, Jim is really dumb.That name is cute.

What is Bob Dylan's son Jesse Dylan's profession?

Jesse Dylan is a film director and businessman. He is the CEO and Creative Director of FreeForm.

What did the Socs do to make Johnny kill Bob?

Johnny killed Bob because they were drowning Ponyboy. He was scared they were going to kill him.

How old is Bob James?

Bob James is 71 years old (birthdate: December 25, 1939).

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