Why did car stall and not start back up when drove through water?

Honda Man's Answer Many people think they can drive through water without damage, some are lucky. When water covers an intersection, it is nearly impossible to judge how deep it is by looking at the water's surface. Many motors are replaced every rainy season due to drivers becoming wanna be U-Boat commanders. Low Tide Ignition components could be wet preventing spark. Older cars especially had distributors that were more prone to being affected by moisture. High Tide Sometimes the air intake can draw/suck water into the engine and hydro-lock the motor. Water fills the cylinders and the pistons cannot compress water. As you can imagine push rods can be bent. After removing the spark plugs and discharging the water from the cylinders, the spark plugs can then be re-installed. The engine may then start or it may be damaged to a point that it will not start.