Why did castles have thick walls?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Well I'm no expert on the subject, but castles usually had thick walls to try prevent enemies from breaking the wall down to intrude the castle.

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Q: Why did castles have thick walls?
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What stayed the same with castles?

Giant walls that are really thick...or towers

Why were siege machines used?

Backspace To overcome the thick walls around some large towns, and castles.

What does a castle look like?

Castles were usually made of stone or brick and the walls were very thick to stop attackers from getting in.

How thick were castles?

A couple of meters thick.

What was the materials that was used to build square keep castle?

It was made of stone bricks. The walls were extremely thick for extra defence protection. Internally the castles were divided into 2. The castles also had a built in chapel.

What features do castles have?

Castles usually have a mote, towers, and long halls. They also have special defenses inside and outside of the structure.

How did castles differ between 1066 and 1558?

In 1066 Castles where only made of wood and earth ( Motte and Bailey Castle), but around 1558 castles where built of strong stone, with thick inner walls and turrets. (Concentric Castle. Castles started off as weak and not good at defence or attack, but over the years they have been improved for battles and for more people. For example: The Concentric castle took years to make because it had inner walls made of thick stone. Castles changed because when a place expands and changes, castles need to get bigger and better with it. Also, they need to be prepared for enemy attacks.

What are facts about Norman castles?

The word castle comes from latin. It would take around 20 years to build a castle. Castles are very expensive to build. It would cost thousands to build just a part of a castle. The walls of castles would be as thick as 33 feet. When the canon ball was invented no castle could be strong enough to stand ove that attack. Cannon balls could easily distroy the castles no matter how thick they are.

What type of defenses did castles have?

castles had walls, archers, and anything they can pour over the walls. moats & drawbridges as well-walls specially designed for archers hence the jagged pattern

How thick is a castles outer wall?


Do all medieval castles have walls?

The ones that were organized as Mont and Bailey castles usually still do because they began with walls, but there are castles with no walls. I can think of several that I have been to in Germany. Peterhof in Russia built by Peter the Great has no walls, but does have extensive gardens. The Hermitage also in Russia was the winter palace of Catherine the Great has no walls. Linderhof in Germany has no walls. Many castles and palaces we see today are rebuilt and remodeled by various people through the centuries.

How thick was the walls of the San Diego mission?

The walls were 5 feet thick!