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Why did crusaders risk their lives for Jerusalem?

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The justification for the crusades began in 1009, when the Fatimid caliph of Cairo had the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem destroyed. His successor permitted the Byzantine Empire to rebuild it under stringent circumstances, and pilgrimage was again permitted, but many stories began to be circulated in the West about the alleged cruelty of Muslims toward Christian pilgrims. The reasons, for individuals risking their own lives in the crusades, are varied. At the time, there was an awakening of intense Christian piety and public interest in religious affairs, providing overwhelming popular support for the crusades. Some crusaders were motivated by a belief that they were doing the work of God. Others were motivated by a sense of adventure, or just an opportunity to escape their humdrum existences. Many hoped for the booty that was expected to come with military success.

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Why were the Turks defeated by Crusaders at Jerusalem?

The crusaders defeated the Turks at the city of Jerusalem.

When did crusaders take Jerusalem?

The crusaders of the First Crusade captured Jerusalem on July 15, 1099.

What role did the Crusaders play in the Jews' lives?

Generally speaking, Crusaders massacred Jews and any other Non-Christians they encountered on their holy war to retake Jerusalem.

Crusaders take Jerusalem?


How did the crusaders get to Jerusalem from England?


What city did the Crusaders want to control?

The Crusaders wanted to control the city of Jerusalem.

Did the crusaders succeed in capturing Jerusalem?

The first time, but then Saladin the Great(Muslim General) defeatedthe crusaders and recaptured Jerusalem in 1187 A.D.

What city was the destination of the first two crusaders?

Jerusalem was the destination of the first two crusaders.

When did the Crusaders capture Jerusalem?

in the summer of 1099

Which city did the Crusaders capture?

They Captured Jerusalem.

Who attempted to gain control of Jerusalem?


What happened to the crusaders on their journey to Jerusalem?


What did the crusaders use as their symbol?

the jerusalem cross

When did crusaders conquer Jerusalem?

They conquered Jerusalem in 1099 but started traveling in 1096

Who led the Muslim forces to retake Jerusalem from the Crusaders?

A General named Saladin led the Muslim Army to retake Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Crusaders.

What did the crusaders do?

The crusades were vicious fighters who fought for Jerusalem and fought and fought and stuff and jiggly puff and i won

How did Jerusalem fall during the Crusades?

The Crusaders entered Jerusalem and killed everyone they met, going into houses and dragging out inhabitants to kill them. The Crusaders also set the Jews's synagogue on fire, killing everyone who was hiding inside. Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders in the end.

What happened to Jerusalem in the first crusade?

It was taken by the crusaders.

How long did the crusaders hold Jerusalem?

88 years.

What was the goal of the crusaders?

to retake Jerusalem form the Muslims

What was the City that all crusaders were trying to reach?


What did crusaders eat before getting to Jerusalem?


Where were the crusaders from?

The Crusaders were from all part of Europe but the Crusades themselves were in the holy land, Jerusalem, in the Middle East.

City that all crusaders were trying to reach?

The crusaders were trying to reach Jerusalem.

What does crusaders means?

Crusaders are the people who joined the crusade in the hope to free the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the Muslim Seljuk Turks. Crusaders are the people who joined the crusade in the hope to free the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the Muslim Seljuk Turks.

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