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why you think? sure for the oil under the Iraq soil. everybody knows that the sources for energy is shrinking day by day and the search for new sources has already been set off. but for now, every country is in a dire need of oil. so what a contry can do_? if it has enough power, "get it". existence of WMD, bringing democracy & freedom, or peace-keeping or other nonsense excuses are just to cover the main aim up.

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Q: Why did did US invade Iraq in 2003?
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Which country did the us invade in 2003?


When did the us military invade Iraq?

In 1991 and 2003.

When did US first invade iraq?

MARCH 2003

Where did US and British armed forces invade in 2003?


Why did US invade Iraq in 2003?

To increase US influence in the Middle East.

In which year did a US-led coalition invade Iraq?

On 15 June 2014

What date did US and UK invade Iraq?

19 March 2003-1 May 2003

When did the US most recently invade Iraq?

Operation Iraqi Freedom March 20, 2003

When Did George Bush and tony Blair invade Iraq?

they invaded Iraq in 2003

Who invaded Iraq in March 2003?

bush told u.s troops to invade Iraq about 2000 troop invaded Iraq on march 3 2003

Why did the US lead a coalition to invade Iraq in 1991?

Iraq had invaded Kuwait.

When did the U.S. invade Iraq to remove Hussein from power?


Which country did the US invade in 2003 because it believed that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction which posed a threat to the US and other countries?

Iraq .

What year did us invade Iraq?

The United States invaded the country of Iraq on March 19, 2003. The invasion lasted until May of the same year. The number of troops involved from the US was 148,000.

Why did the United states invade Iraq in 2003?

The Bush administration believed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction

When did the US invade Iraq in an effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power?

The US invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003 with the intent of overthrowing Saddam Hussein and discovering his cache of weapons of mass destruction (which were never found).

Can congress tell us to invade Iraq?

Congress certainly has the power to declare war on Iraq.

What county did the US invade during the gulf war?


When did the United States invade Iraq?

United States military invasion of Iraq took place at dawn on March 20, 2003.

What year did US attack Iraq?

they invaded Iraq in 2003.

On what date did the US invade Iraq?

The bombings known as "shock and awe" took place on March 20th of 2003. This was for all intents and purposes the beginning of the invasion.

What middle eastern nation did the American and British armed forces invade in march 2003?


Why did the US first invade Iraq?

because of oil. Iraq had invaded Kuwait, an oil producing nation. It was against US interests to allow Iraq to invade another oil producing nation. Further, Kuwait has a significant border with Saudi Arabia, a relatively US friendly nation.

Compare and contrast the us intervention in Iraq in 1991 with the us intervention in Iraq in 2003?


What month was it when the US invaded Iraq?

The US invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003.