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Why did dx split up?

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Because it was time for them to, although they do keep getting together, so they really haven't broken up

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Have dx split up for good?

No don't worry they will reunite one day

Are dx going to split up?

I don't think they will break up, They are just starting to role with Hornswoggle as their Mascot, they might break up after Wrestlemania!

When will DX split up?

There is no rumour at the moment to split up D-Generation X as they are hot property in terms of merchandise sales.Although this can be changed at any time with WWE story lines changing constantly.

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Will Dx breaking up in 2010?

Maybe yes because Shawn micheals is tied up with DX or The Undertaker.

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in the end she split up wiv him!

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It was Cool but now look at the champions now it is not cool not anymore, they lost it back when DX split up again and after last years wrestlemania, evrybodys turnin 2 TNA

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