Why did explorers go on dangerous voyages?

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they usually wanted some more money, wanted to get away from their lives at home or to prove something of themselves
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What dangers did American explorers face?

It depends on which Americans are you referring to: central, south or north Americans . North, south and central Americans' explorers have faced mainly Indians, wild animals, assailants, epidemic diseases and many other challenges. . IMPROVED ANSWER: . It's true the explorers of America (which wo ( Full Answer )

Why did Henry Hudson go on his voyages?

Henry Hudson main reason for going on voyages was to try to find anorthern passage to the Orient. His first voyage was in 1607, hissecond voyage was in 1608, the third was around 1609 and the fourthand final voyage where his crew mutiny on him was 1610 to 1611,

Why did Europeans go on voyages of discovery?

It is human nature to seek out the unknown. There were also reasons of conquest, which country could colonise new territories first could mean new resources and power, giving an advantage over ones enemies.

Is exploring dangerous whywhy not?

it really depends on the travle and the things that you are going to explore becouse sometimes the things that you are going to explor wont get you or leads u into risks or anything but some it may even cause you death and it may change your whole life if it was happy or if it was depressing life. s ( Full Answer )

When did Charles Darwin go on his voyage?

Charles Darwin's trip aboard the HMS Beagle began December 27,1831.During the 5 year journey, Darwin made his observation onevolution.

What dangers did Jacques cartier face on his voyages?

Jacques Cartier and his crew members suffered from scurvy, a disease caused by lack of Vitamin C. This happened on his third journey in 1541. This happened because Cartier and his crew weren't prepared for harsh winters in Canada. One fourth of the French there died.Luckily, Huron chief Donnacona ma ( Full Answer )

Who went on the voyage with Christopher Columbus the explorer?

In total there were 91 men including Columbus on the first voyage, 40 on the Santa Maria, 26 on the Pinta, and 24 on the Nina. There is no record of the names of many of them.. Santa Maria was captained by Juan de la Cosa. Pinta was captained by Martin Alonso Pinzon. Others included:. Vicente Ya ( Full Answer )

Why was Portugal the leader in voyages in exploration?

It's because Prince Henry the Navigator started a navigation school. Then Explorers explored the Cape of good hope (the tip of Africa) and then went to India. They established trading posts and obviously didn't let other countries come this route. The other countries found other ways to Asia. ( This ( Full Answer )

Why did spanish rulers fund voyages of exploration?

They hoped to establish trade with China, Japan, and the Indies without having to go throught middlemen in west Asia and the Middle East. The motive of conquering, plundering, and exploiting the lands that these expeditions discovered arose only after they were discovered, that is, after the expe ( Full Answer )

Why did europeans make voyages of exploration?

to find land that is rich with gold ,silver or bronze or to escape sickness. or for political reasons like the some reasons like the British came over to America to end the rule of the king that reined over them.

Which places did Magellan explore in his voyage?

Magellan landed at several locations during his voyage to circumnavigate the globe. A few of them include: The Canry Islands, Cape Verde, Rio de Janeiro, The east coast of South America, Rio de la Plata Puerto San Julian (Argentina) Cape Virgenes The Strait of Magellan (formerly cal ( Full Answer )

How the voyager 1 help the space exploration?

The Voyager 1 aids in space exploration in not only fulfilling it's original job which is to study the planetary syestems of juipiter and saturn but also continuing it's study in the outer solar system by exploring there as well. It passed the pioneer 1 space probe in the jouney to what scientists b ( Full Answer )

Why did the Renaissance explorers go on voyages?

Because the Renaissance didn't have any cars, it took days to travel on foot. So there only choice to go is on ships,boats to travel, explore, colonize and trade goods with other countries.

What were the European's motives for making voyages of exploration?

European motives for voyages of exploration occurred during the Renaissance Era and included building of empires, diffusion of Christianity, ever-increasing opportunities for trade & new markets, greater power than before, and material goods & riches that included gold, spices, silver, and slaves.

What planet did voyager explore?

Voyager 1 flew by Jupiter and Saturn and took the first closepictures, and is now in interstellar space, the most distant probesent from Earth. Voyager 2 also inspected Jupiter, Saturn, and isthe only probe so far to have visited Uranus and Neptune.

Where did Francis Drake going on his voyage?

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Where did Cook go on his third voyage?

On his third journey, commencing in 1776, Captain James Cook visited and named the Sandwich Islands, now known as Hawaii, and unsuccessfully sought a northwest passage along the coast of North America. On his way back to England, he stopped at Hawaii again. After a boat was stolen by natives, he and ( Full Answer )

What were three reasons for the European voyages of exploration?

Gold, God, Glory Gold was an important resource for Europeans because it brought in money, People also traveled to America because of religious persecution, and European nations of that era were fighting over power, and they believed finding the new world would bring them glory.

What explorer made the latest voyage?

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Where did Henry Hudson he go on his voyage?

Henry Hudson (c. 1560/70s [3] - 1611?) was an English sea explorer and navigator in the early 17th century. After several voyages on behalf of English merchants to explore a prospective Northeast Passage to India, Hudson explored the region around modern New York City while looking for a western r ( Full Answer )

How Was John Cabot Voyage Go?

He wanted to go to the new world working for the Spain/Portugal empire (I don't remember which empire it was those 2) but the king didn't allow him. So he went over to the English side (England/Britain whatever you know it as....) if he could do his voyage there, and their king let him but they chan ( Full Answer )

What voyage did Mohammed go on?

Mohammed did not go any voyage as understood in the typical sense, traveling to another place due to a desire to conduct business, experience different places, or to see distant friends. He fled Mecca to Medina in what is known as a the Hejira, but this was in order to prevent his own murder, not ex ( Full Answer )

Where did the voyager probe go?

Both of the Voyager probes are still in outer space. They passed the orbit of Pluto in approx. 1990 and are still sending back data.

Where were the Portuguese trying to go on their voyages of exploration?

The Portuguese were trying to find an alternate route to get to India. The exotic Indian trade goods were loved by Europeans, but to get there you had to walk through Europe and Asia, or Sail all the way under the continents. Thus many explorers attempted to find a faster way to get to India.

What are the dangers of exploring mountains?

I live on a mountain in Greece, and we usually go for a climb or walk and the sharp sides of the rocks are dangerous, if you are scared of heights it's dangerous too, but as long as you stick on the inside you will be fine, its best to know where you're going as well, because there might be a steep ( Full Answer )

What were Marco polos dangers that were faced on this voyage?

people on his boat were complaning about how long it was takinng to get where he said he would take them. also other saylors were anoying him so he comented on them and tyhe cut out his eyes thats why marco polo the game u have to shut your eyes!

How did Columbus' voyages affect European exploration?

I think that Columbus' voyages affected a lot of Europe's exploration because now all explorers were going different directions and doing undone feats, trying to find a route to Asia and India.

What were the places Columbus explored on his second voyage?

The second voyage of Christopher Columbus was a vastly expanded one from his first voyage in 1492. He expanded his exploration of the Caribbean Sea and had enough men and ships to bring settlers and animals that were needed to gain a foothold in places such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Cub ( Full Answer )

What things do explorers look for on a voyage?

well here are a list of things they look for. :fish, food, and drinks :land and your journey point :also they look for any kind of good shelter I hope you like my advice

Why did Henry the Navigator sponsor voyages of exploration?

First of all, I know you are from connections academy and cheating on a quick check, but hey, the answer is to find better trade routes to Asia. Next time, actually read your lesson and the pages it gives you, and you'll have no problem.