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Q: Why did gavrilo princip kill franz Ferdinand?
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How did gavrilo princip kill franz Ferdinand?

gavrilo killed archduke franz Ferdinand by shoting him in the throat

When did Gavrilo Princip kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

June 28th of 1914

What year did gavrilo princip shoot and kill archduke franz Ferdinand?


Who failed to kill Franz Ferdinand?

Serbian Gavrilo Princip who was ally of a secret society Black Hand.

Why did Gavrilo Princip kill?

Gavrilo Princip killed Archduke Ferdinand to advance the unification of his slavic people

Who kill franz ferdinand?

Gavril Princip

When did gavrilo kill archduke?

Gavrilo Princips assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand June 28th 1914

Who was the first man to try and kill Franz Ferdinand?

Gavril Princip actually killed Franz Ferdinand but i dont know who tried to kill him first

What gun was used to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

The Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were shot by Gavrilo Princip using a FN Browning model 1910 pistol. The particular pistol he used is believed to be a .32 caliber.

Who hired Garvilo Princip to kill Archduke?

Gavrilo Princip was not hired to kill Archduke Ferdinand. He was a Serbian nationalist and separatist who was part of the organization known as the Black Hand.

How did Gavrillo Princip kill Franz Ferdinand?

Gavrillo Princip was one of six assassins involved in the plot to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot dead, sparking the beginning of World War I.

Was was archduke franz Ferdinand shot?

Yes the Archduke was shot. He was killed by Gavrilo Princip (check the spelling). He was a Serbian nationalist that was order by Germany to kill the Archduke. He was kiled at the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

How many people tried to kill franz ferdinand?

A sizable group planned the assassination, however only two made an attempt. One tried a bombing and when he failed, Gavrilo Princip shot the Archduke and his wife.

How did gavrilo princip die?

Gavrilo Prinicp died in Prison, he murdered the archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia, attempted to take a drug that was so out of date it only made him throw up rather than its initial purpose, to kill him. He wanted to do this as his last act before he died.

Why did Gavrilo Princip kill achduke franz ferdinand?

Princip was a Serbian nationalist who believed the territory of Bosnia, which Austria had just annexed, should belong to Serbia's slavic empire. Killing the heir to Austria's throne might get Austria to hand over Bosnia, or at least make a statement.

How many times did the black hand group try to kill archduke Franz Ferdinand?

They had a plan to execute him but they all failed until fait gave Gavrilo princip another chance when Franz Ferdinand's driver accidentaly took a wrong turn which took him straight to gavrilo so he shot him and his wife on the spot. his wife was pregnant and it was their anninversary. also was first time his wife sat with him in public.

What was the situation during the World War 1?

The situation at the time was very bad. Franz Ferdinand, Prince of (FIND WHERE RULED), had been shot after visiting Bosnia troops. There was a gang who wanted to kill him but they failed, but as Gavrilo Princip walked out of a cafe, the car passed and he shot Franz Ferdinand. This is the start of the war.Hope this helps :) x

Why did Gavrilo Princip kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Gavrilo Princip was a member of the Black Hand, a a Serbian underground resistance group opposed to Austro-Hungarian government and it's occupation of Serbia. They did not want to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and they did not want to pay taxes to them. There is also some indication he had a personal dislike for the Archduke. Princip had tuberculosis and knew he was going to die soon. He assassinated the Archduke as a final act of "patriotism" believeing he would not live long enough to receive punishment.

Who killed Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie?

Gavrilo Princip who was a member of a gang called "The Black Hand." He plotted with other gang members to kill the Archduke but when plans failed he went to eats a sandwhich. Ironically the motor vehicle carrying the Archduke and his wife Sophie had passed the sandwhich shop where Gavrilo then pulled out a pistol and shot them both.

What was the plan to get franz Ferdinand assassinated?

The Black Hand, a terrorist group from Serbia knew Franz Ferdinand was coming to their country, and they knew of his route. They had three different spots where they had a member of their group waiting for Ferdinand to come so they could kill him. At the first location, the terrorist jumped out and pulled his pistol on Franz Ferdinand, but the pistol misfired and the crowd tackled him. The second person just didn't even show up. At the third station was Gavrilo Princip and a friend. His friend threw a Molotov cocktail, but it rolled too far and went under a car behind Ferdinands. It blew up and that man was captured. Princip fled and went to a coffee shop. Ferdinand went to a friends house and enjoyed a dinner. When he was leaving he passed by the coffee shop and out comes Princip at that same time. The car was stopped, and Princip just pulled his gun and killed Ferdinand and his wife. This is the truth.

Who is Archduke Francis Ferdinard?

He was the next in line to be King for Austria-Hungary in World War one. The Serbians wanted to kill him, so Gavrilo Princip and the Black Hand gang attempted assassination, it was only until the plan failed, and by chance Ferdinand was passing by Gavrilo in his carriage with his wife. Gavrilo took out his gun and fired two shots, killing both Ferdinand and Sophie, his wife.

How did a cheese sandwich cause world war 1?

An Austrian Archduke named Franz Ferdinand was the subject of an assasination plot by a group called the Black Hand, a Slavic independance group. A member of the organization, Nedelijko Cabrinovic, threw a gernade at his passing motorcade, but it failed to kill Franz. He Nedelijko then killed himself. However, Franz wanted to go to the hospital where the victims of the gernade blast where staying. However, the driver did not where he was going, and happened to pass a cafe where Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Black Hand, just happened to be having a cheese sandwich. Gavrilo took the oppurtunity to kill Franz, which he did.

What were the black hands plans?

To kill Franz Ferdinand.

Who attempted to kill franz Ferdinand with a bomb?

no one.

What did princip use to kill Ferdinand?

A Browning M1910 .32 caliber automatic pistol