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because he wanted to explore different parts of the world

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Why was Vancouver named Vancouver?

Vancouver was named after After the British Explorer George Vancouver who Discovered Vancouver.

Which explorer is Vancouver named after?

It is named after Captain George Vancouver.

Which explorer is Vancouver Island named after?

It is named after Captain George Vancouver.

How long did george Vancouver explorer?


Childhood of George Vancouver the explorer?

He was in a Stricked home and he had a father that hit him.George vancouver

Who is the English explorer for Vancouver?

Vancouver was named after Captain George Vancouver. He explored much of the coastline, but did not found any settlements in Vancouver.

Where did the word Vancouver originate from?

If you're referring to Vancouver, BC, Canada, then the name comes from a British explorer, George Vancouver.

Is Vancouver located on Vancouver island?

Vancouver is located on the main land BC. The island was named after the explorer George Vancouver who was on Cook's last expedition.

Why did George Vancouver explorer?

He explored to see different parts of the world

What country sponsored George Vancouver?

Probably England. It was his nationality. George Vancouver was an explorer. He had 5 older brothers. he was born in England in 1758. He is famous for discovering Vancouver. ============================================================== Captain George Vancouver was an officer in the British Royal Navy. As such, he was not "sponsored." He was following orders.

How did Vancouver Washington get its name?

The British explorer Lt. William Broughton named a point of land along the shore in honor of his commander Captain George Vancouver.

What landmarks did George Vancouver name?

george named vancouver and vancouver island

Which explorer reached the mouth of the Bella coola river only 7 weeks after George Vancouver surveyed that area?

Simon Fraser reached the mouth, 7 weeks after Vancouver did.

Who discovered Vancouver?

george Vancouver discovered Vancouver

Who is Vancouver named after?

George Vancouver.

Did george vancouver have kids?

George Vancouver did not have kids, nor did he get married.

Who was the most significantly thorough British explorer of the inland waterways of presentday Washington and British Columbia?

That would be Captain George Vancouver.

When was George Vancouver born?

George Vancouver was born on June 22, 1757.

Who sent George Vancouver on his voyage?

George Vancouver was sent by the British Govmerment.

When was Vancouver Furious George created?

Vancouver Furious George was created in 1995.

What was George Vancouver famous for?

For discovering Vancouver

Who is the man who Vancouver was named after?

George Vancouver

Did george Vancouver discouver Vancouver?

George Vancouver did not discover vancouver BC it was simply named after him he actually discovered Vancouver Island it was actually Vancouver and Quadra Island , but the spanish shortened it to just simply Vancouver island.

Was Vancouver Canada named after George Vancouver?

Yes. George Vancouver entered Burrard Inlet on June 13th, 1792. Vancouver's downtown is currently located on the south shore of Burrard Inlet. Vancouver Island, Mount Vancouver (Alaska), and Vancouver Washington, are also named after George Vancouver.

Where did George Vancouver live as a child?

George Vancouver was born in King's Lynn England.

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