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Lennie had gotten himself in trouble in Leeds because he had seen this girl's red dress, and being so simple minded and naive, he felt the need to feel the dress (with no interest in the girl) Because like a child, he liked feeling pretty / soft things. The girl mistakes him as a rapist or was going to attack her because of his size, and screams. Lennie was frozen with fear and could only hold on. George was near by and had to hit Lennie until he was conscious to make him let go. In fright, the girl runs in town and claims that she's been raped. Lennie was being lynched by the mob of angry town people, and so Lennie and George had to get out of that town and begin a new life.

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George and Lennie left their job in Weed because Lennie's uncontrollable strength and fascination with soft things led to a misunderstanding and a dangerous situation. They had to flee to avoid trouble with the law.

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Lennie killed a woman by accident

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Q: Why did george and Lennie leave the place they were at?
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What describes the incident that Lennie and George caused to leave their last place of work in the Of Mice and Men?

Lennie touched a woman's dress because he liked its soft texture, causing her to scream, which made Lennie panic and hold on tighter. This scared the woman, leading to false accusations of assault against Lennie. George and Lennie had to flee as a result of this incident.

When George gets angry with all the trouble Lennie cause what does leave say he will do?

When George gets angry with Lennie for causing trouble, he threatens to go to a place where Lennie won't be able to find him and live an easier life without the burden of taking care of him.

Why did George and Lennie leave the last place where they at?

George and Lennie left the last place they were at because Lennie unintentionally caused trouble by touching a girl's dress, which led to them being pursued by an angry mob. They had to flee to escape any potential consequences.

Lennie and george were forced to leave the city they were previously in because?

Lennie and George were forced to leave the city they were previously in because Lennie got into trouble by touching a woman's dress, which led to them being chased out of town by a mob.

Why doesn't George leave Lennie?

George feels a sense of responsibility for Lennie due to their long friendship and because Lennie relies on him for guidance and protection. Additionally, George may also feel a connection to Lennie and may have formed a bond that makes it hard for him to leave despite the challenges they face.

What advice does Georg give Lennie and curley and the swamper leave?

never talk to them when George is not there

Why didn't George invite Lennie to old Suzy's Place?

George didn't invite Lennie to old Suzy's Place because he wanted to go alone to enjoy himself without having to worry about taking care of Lennie. George wanted some time to relax and be carefree, knowing that Lennie can be unpredictable and may cause trouble.

Who shot Lennie in the back of the head?

George. After Lennie accidentally killed Curleys wife and went to hide in the brush (a place where George and Lennie agreed to meet in case of trouble) Curley and the guys set out to kill Lennie for what he did. George, not wanting Lennie to die like that, told Lennie the story of the house they planned on having. while telling Lennie he shot him in the back of the head.

Who is Lennie tormented by?

Lennie is tormented by his own mental limitations and his inability to fully understand the world around him. He often struggles with remembering things and making sense of complex situations, leading to frustration and anxiety.

How can you tell that George feels responsible for Lennie?

George often looks out for Lennie, making decisions for them and ensuring his safety. He feels guilty when things go wrong and tries to protect Lennie from harm. George also takes on the role of caregiver, providing guidance and support for Lennie.

Why must Lennie leave soledad?

Lennie must leave Soledad because he accidentally killed Curley's wife, leading to a manhunt for him. George knows Lennie will not receive a fair trial due to his mental disability, so he makes the difficult decision to protect Lennie by shooting him himself. By doing so, George ensures Lennie will not suffer a worse fate at the hands of the vengeful ranch workers.

What are George's last words to Lennie in of mice and men chapter 6?

As always, George was solicitous of Lennie's welfare and protective of him. His intent was to send him to a better place, a place he'd never known, a place where they'd have the rabbits Lennie had always so yearned for in his gentle, infantile mind. George shot him then at the precisely right moment. --The Ern.