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This is like asking why the sky is yellow. God is imaginary and did not create anything.

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How did God create angels?

The same way he created the universe. With his almighty power and will. The Bible says that in the beginning was God, not God and his angels, just God.

On what day did god create the angels?

Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God created angels on the first day.

What God create before creating heaven and earth?


Does God continue to create angels?

I believe that whenever someone dies and goes to heaven they come angels!

Did God create demons- with bible references?

God did not 'create' demons. God created 'angels'. But angels who disobey Jehovah God their Creator, turn themselves into 'demons' when they disobey.2 Peter 2:4. Some translations calls them 'angels who sinned'; one calls them simply 'rebel angels' (The Message version)(Somewhat like when humans who turn very evil, are called 'animals' in 2Pet 2:12. God did not create them as animals, he created them as humans.)

When did God create Angels?

Answer Definitely after the creation of the Universe and before the creation of Human

Did God create angles before mankind and if so what day?

God created angels when he created heaven. He did this on Day 1 of the creation.

Are angels ever children for lack of a better word at one point?

I'm sorry but no angels could never be children because. God made them to a flame of fire they are spiritual being created to protect us and to help us get to heaven. (Hebrews 1:7+14) Some people think when they die there're going to like angels but not God didn't create us to look like angels but God did create us to look like Himself. See angels don't look like God but we do.( Genesis 1:26+27)

Who can see angels?

Of Course ,God can see angels because god created them

Do angels sing to God?

The angels sing to God all day long.

Did God create the Devil and his demons?

God created angels and super-angels, or archangels, and the most powerful one of them all was Lucifer. He and a third of the angels rebelled against God, so were thrown out of heaven. Their nature changed and therefore so did their names. Lucifer's name was changed to Satan/Destroyer/Devil etc and his angels became demons. Everything God originally created was good: He did not create Evil, but just because some of the angels decided to go that way doesn't mean that God directly created the Devil and his demons. If some don't believe the devil and his demons are real then he has won, but the problem of the existence of evil must be explained. Just as parents can do everything right and yet still have a kid go 'off the rails', so it is with God and Lucifer.

Did God create demons?

While God created everything from the beginning, no, He did not outright create demons. Demons are evil and God does not create evil. Any and everything that comes from God always begins as being pure. Later on, it may become corrupted, but it is not because God made it corrupt. Demons, for example, are fallen Angels of Heaven. They were once good, but became evil on their own.

Does god have angels?

Perhaps not in the context of "having" angels, but The Bible states that there are angels who serve God. It is believed that demons are the angels who were led by Satan and rebelled against God, but failed, with God sending them to Hell as punishment. This is where the term 'fallen angel' comes from.

How angels were created?

If angels are real, then God is real and we need not question his power to simply create angels, without any process understandable to us.If, on the other hand, angels are not real then they were created in the human imagination. Our understanding of God has varied over the centuries and according to context. At times, angels fill the important role of messengers of God and sometimes even as his allies against evil, which is often personified by the fallen angel, Satan. At other times, God is absolutely omniscient and omnipotent and therefore has no possible need of messengers or allies. For example, how could there be a war in heaven if God could wipe out his opponents in an instant? Or, why would we need guardian angels if God is perfectly capable of guarding every individual who has ever lived? This helps demonstrate that angels are the product of the human imagination.

What are angels made from in Islam?

the angels they coming to god

Why did god make the angels?

God made angels to help him and us. Angels probably made him do decisions, told what was happening on earth, and If there was something bad happening. They are messenger's of God.

Why pray to angels?

do you ever ask friends or family members to pray for you? its the same when praying to angels This might not help you, but my aunt has always told me not to pray to angels, you should pray to god, angels are servants and helpers for god therefore, pray to god not angels.

What do Christians believe about angels?

Christians believe that angels are servants of God, and guardians of Christians. Demons are fallen angels that rebelled against God.

How many angles can dance on the head of pen?

Infinite, you can create an angle in any direction. If you meant angels then none because god does not exist. Replying to this, yes, I corrected the misspelling of angels, before I posted question. My question to you is who are you to say that GOD doesn't exist?

Abode of god and the angels?

God and his angels are in Heaven which is where true believers and good people go to when they die.

How many angels of god are there?

We don't know how many angels there are.

What are all the different types of angels?

There are two types of angels the good and the bad angels, or fallen angels.________________________________________________Per Islam religion, all angels are good angels who are fully submitting to God and never disobeys God commands. There are :angels who are assigned by God to convey His messages to His prophets,angels who are counting on every one his goods and bads,angels who are assigned for God worship and asking forgiveness for the faithful peopleand others who I don't knowSee link below for more information

Did God make the angels?

God made everything.

Before Adam and Eve who were there with God?

God had angels to be with him

Is an angel the same as an angel of the lord?

Well, God is the only one who made angels, so they all are His angels. Angels serve and worship God in Heaven.