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Why did hitler want to take over germany?


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Hitler was elected to office in Germany. He had sought political power for several years, for the same reasons that most people seek political office- love of power.

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The country of Germany was his start. He didn't want to just take over A country. He wanted to take the world over. His fanatacism blinded him from seeing that his goal was impossible.

He wanted to take over Germany Cuss Germany lost all its land in World War . He wanted to take over Germany because he thinks Jews were responsible for everything he didn't like. So he tries to make all Jews extinct.

Actually hitler wanted to take over Poland to create a direct route to the soviet union

Germany was where Hitler controlled his nazi army so he already took over Germany, but it remains free, beacause it was like head quaters to Hitler.

he wanted to create an army and want get power of the us.

Hitler idolized Napoleon and defeating Russia when Napoleon could not would prove his superiority. Also, Russia possessed oil fields Germany needed.

It impacted because Hitler told Germany that it was the Jews' fault that WW1 started, but this was really just an excuse for Hitler to take over Germany, and try to eradicate the Jews. - If you want a more complex answer, try to search on google for: the murder in Sarajevo, 1914

so he could rule the world!

It looks like there's a word missing in the question. Hitler certainly did not want Jews in Germany.

He Wanted to rule the world

Hitler wanted to take over as much as Europe as he could. but he wasnt ganna get Britain!!!! xxx

Hitler needed to be Dictator of Germany so he could control it.

Hitler wanted Austria to be united with Nazi Germany.

Power, not as in electricity. He was obsessed with 'reuniting Germany' which meant taking over every nearby country.

Germany invaded Britain because Germany had a leader that was determined to take over Europe

Hitler took over Austria in 1938 because many links were shared between Germany. He created an 'Anschluss' with Austria. Hitler also was born in Austria and this made him want Austria. Hitler also had the idea of 'Lebensraum' or Living room/space in which he gelt was needed, so he took Austria. Austria did not really mind this as it had economic problems within from being separated from Germany previously. If you are in PA Cyber it is because Hitler believed in uniting the German-speaking peoples of Europe. And that can be found on page 828 of your textbook... =D Also, he tried to take over Austria in 1934 but was stopped by Mussolini. When Hitler allied with him, he was able to take over Austria without interference! (Sarah) Austrians are Ethnic Germans.

because hewanted to take over the world that sort of thing

Joseph Stalin hoped that the Treaty of Versailles would result in Hitler causing a Civil War. He wanted Communists to take over the country of Germany.

He wanted it to be the best countr y

He wnated to take over germany slowly. Creep up on it, in a way. Also because he did not want other countries to find out what he was doing because they would stop it for sure.

Hitler did not want to scare the residents of Germany :P

he wanted to have everyone the same blue eyes and blond hair

Hitler wanted to be in control because he thought that he could take over Germany and eventualy the rest of the world, in other words he wanted to make a "perfect" world consisting of no Jews, blacks, or gypsis but those are just the main groups.

Hitler could not be trusted because after every move, Hitler said he did not want to take over countries - but he had broken his word before.

he wanted to take over germany, showing no mercy

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