Why did i cut myself?

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2007-07-13 00:09:32

There are a lot of reasons why people perform self harm. I have

been a cutter for about 10 years now. Many people look down at you

for this behaviour, but if they really did some research they would

understand. Many people who cut get a sense of relief. This is

because our body releases endorphins, that take the pain away and

leave a good feeling. Many people believe that when they cut, they

are letting all the bad feelings and hurt out with the blood. There

are many websites on the World Wide Web dealing with cutting.

I'm a recovering self-injurer. I would usually cut or bloodlet when

I was overwhelmed by rage or anger at myself or others and couldn't

express it.

some of my other triggers:

  • Being unable to express my feelings because of my fears

    (rejection, judgment, abandonment, ridicule, embarrassment,

    criticism) and my feelings of being unworthy and unlovable.

  • Becoming too emotionally attached to someone, especially in a

    romantic relationship.

  • Depression
  • Flashbacks of good and bad memories
  • Memorable places
  • Anniversaries (rape, breakups, miscarriages, engagements,

    relationships, deaths and birthdates of loved ones.)

  • Deep emotional pain
  • When I feel like I need punished

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