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I think Jazz Dancing originated to show American culture and for entertainment. It is a wonderful dance.

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When did jazz dancing originate?

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Why is jazz dancing called jazz dancing?

Because you are dancing to jazz.

What is the difference between jazz and tap?

Tap dancing is louder than Jazz dancing

What do you need for jazz dancing?

for jazz dancing for you many need jazz shoes (paws),jazz shorts or pants . if you dance for a company they will tell you what they expect

What music is used when dancing to jazz?

That would be jazz

Did flamenco dancing originate in catalonia?

No flamenco dancing did not originate in catalonia, it originated in Andalusia.

Who started jazz dancing?


Are there women in jazz?

Of course!! A lot of women like to do jazz dancing and play jazz music.

When did gypsy jazz originate?


What state did jazz originate from?


Where did Irish dancing originate?

Irish dancing oroginated in irerland.

Where Did tap dancing Originate from?

Tap dancing originated from America.

Where did jazz dance develop?

it started in the era of African slave trade, most modern jazz movements today have been developed from the afrocan slave dances.AnswerWhen did jazz dancing start? AnswerWhen did jazz dancing start?

How did jazz dancing start?

Jazz dance started in the early 1900's

Facts about jazz dancing?

Jazz showcases a dancers own originality and style.

What is the difference between jazz dance and hip hop?

Jazz dancing is stricter in form and much more structured compared to hip hop dancing. The moves in jazz dancing are sassy and slow compared to the upbeat moves of hip hop.

What is the purpose of jazz dancing?

Jazz dancing has many purposes, as do many styles of dance. Some people do jazz because they enjoy keeping fit while others may want to make a career out of dancing. Others find that jazz is a good foundation for gymnastics or other styles of dance.

Is jazz dancing more fun than tap dancing?

yes definitely

What is freestyle dancing?

Freestyle dancing is dancing however you want (hip-hop, jazz, tap, etc.)

What is another word for dancing besides shuffle and tap dancing?

Disco dancing BAllet jump jazz

Where did flamenco dancing originate?


Where did tap dancing originate?


Where did break dancing originate from?


Where did Ribbon Dancing Originate?


Were did tap dancing originate from?


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