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He stopped because he is maniac.Like they can do anything.

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Why did maniac start running again?

Because Grayson left maniac

Why do the cobras stop chasing Maniac in the book Maniac Magee?

They stop chasing him because he crosses onto the East End and they think East Enders will get him for them.

How did Mr Beale know that Maniac was homeless in the book Maniac Magee?

Mr. Beale knew Maniac was homeless because when he was driving Maniac home, Maniac lied that his house was the house in front of the car. Mr. Beale knew Maniac was lying so Maniac explained that he was running away and was homeless.

What was mars bar's gang called in Maniac Magee?


What is the type of conflict in Maniac Magee?

There are many different conflicts in Maniac. One is the internal conflict Maniac has is running away from home. An external conflict is society vs person with the black/white divisions where Maniac lives.

What was life like for Maniac Magee before he started running?

He lived with his aunt and uncle and they had 2 of everything but not 2 of Maniac Magee.

Why does Maniac pretend giant John McNab pitched him the stopball in the book Maniac Magee?

Maniac Pretends that Giant John pitched the stop ball to impress Russel and Piper.

Why did mars bars hide from maniac when they first began running in the early morning?

To get away from him

What is the verb in the sentence Alex stop running?

If the sentence is: "Alex, stop running." Then the verb would be "stop."

What is the verb phrase of after the movie the children were running to the bus stop?

"The children were running to the bus stop." The verb phrase is "were running."

What did grayson want Maniac Magee to teach him?

Grayson really wanted to teach manic is baseball . maniac learned how to throw a fast ball amd a stop ball .

What is Jerry Spinelli trying to teach us in Maniac Magee?

Jerry Spinelli is trying to teach us that running away from all your troubles isn't going to stop them. Also that you should get on with your life but remember the good memories you had with him/her.

What do you do if you are running from a wasp?

keep running and don't stop

Where was Maniac Magee running that everyone else only walks?

Maniac ran on the steal rail when everyone else walked in the book it says 'No, he was running- running -- where the pickwells themselves, where every other kid, had only ever walked -- on the steal rail itself' at the end of chapter 6

How long is the running of the bulls?

Untill the bulls stop running

What is a antonym for running?


What is the problem resolved in Maniac Magee?

i think that it is all about relationships and how maniac made and lost so many friends and family, and he resolved it by not running away from it and letting the help Amanda Beale and her family come to him and take him in.....

What does the jump rope chant in Maniac Magee mean?

It's means what going on in the story with Jeffery Magee running away

What is a dialog of Maniac Magee?

Maniac: Hey, where am I? Grayson: The band shell. Maniac: The band shell? Grayson In the back of the the Equipment room. Maniac: And you? Grayson: What about me? Maniac: Who are you?

How old was maniac in the book Maniac Magee?

Maniac was three years old when his parents died in a trolley wreck then he has to move in with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan. The book says that he stayed with them for eight years before running away so I'm assuming he was eleven years old in the book (8+3).

Why did Terry stop running?

he had cancer

What should i do about running?

Don't stop.

What is the French word for 'maniac'?

A maniac is "un / une maniaque" in French.

Why did Maniac Magee win the Newbery Medal?

it teaches a lesson that white and black people can get alongMaggee is so passionating towards runningits descriptivemaniac Maggee never gave upJerry Spinelli is an excellent writer.

Why does a person running for President have to be born a US Citizen?

It has something to do with the fact that the person can't be a maniac trying to take over the world.