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Islamic States have historically created a set of benefits that only Muslims could partake, making a choice to be Muslim tied to choices about economic viability (which trades you could work - especially in government) or tied to choices of social standing. These would strongly weight the choice and produce a steady stream of converts by their very nature.

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Q: Why did many people under muslim rule convert to islam?
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Can a non Muslim woman with children become Muslim?

Yes, of course. She can convert to Muslims if she is convinced in the Islam faith and Quran holy book. If her children are under puberty age and are under her care, she can raise them on Islam until they reach puberty age and they can decide by themselves what faith they believe in. refer to question below for more information

Why did the Arab warriors not want to convert large numbers of people to Islam?

Answer 1It is a basic rule in Islam that no compulsion in religion. so, the Arab warriors never try to convert non Muslims to Islam.Answer 2Economically and politically speaking, non-Muslims had a lower rank and position in the Islamic Caliphates. Therefore in order to protect their political and economic interests, Muslims did not try to convert non-Muslims. This would preserve more "room up at the top" for them. Many converts to Islam came in the pre-conquest or post-conquest environment when people saw the advantages of being Muslim in a society that would be under Muslim control.

How did the religion of Islam change under the rule of Abu Bakr?

The territory under Muslim rule expanded rapidly

When a muslim prays five times a day which pillar of islam is being observed?

Prayer in Islam falls under the Pillar of SALAAT (صلاة).

What is the concept of monarchy in Islam?

There is no concept of a monarchy in Islam. There are "Muslim" countries today that have a king, but such kingship and handing down of power and authority from one generation to the next within the family is not allowed at all under Islam. Instead they have something called a Caliphate, where people choose a Caliph (a leader).

What can you do to remove differences between Muslims and western world?

first there is three type of western people 1. Muslim : there is no differences 2. Jewish Zionists : they know that Muslim are good and right but the problem that Islam and Muslims stop or against what they need ex Adultery, prostitution, drinking wine and economic ruin 3. normal western people : they all are victims of the Jewish and Zionist media because the own the media and the control culture of the media so some of them become Muslim and some of them still under the attack of this media witch against Islam some of them not Muslim but not against Islam so what we have to do is to be true Muslim to be good example for all people to be , and to prove that Muslims is not what they see at the media

What ruler set up a Muslim dynasty in songhai?

Sunni Ali set up the Songhai Kingdom and he as a Muslim but Islam only prospered in Songhai under Askia Mohammed.

Do you have a choice in Afghanistan to choose your religion?

According to the Constitution of Afghanistan (Chapter 1, Article 2) the official religion of the State is Islam. However, all citizens of other religions have the right to follow their respective faiths and participate in religious rituals within the boundaries of law. In that regard, they are free to choose their own religion--if they already belonged to a religion other than Islam, there is no legal compulsion upon them to convert to Islam. (Unless they intend to run for President, as only a Muslim can be eligible.) Afghanistan is a Muslim-majority country and as such, many people are born into the same religion (that is, Islam) that they continue to follow for the rest of their lives. Conversion from Islam into other religions, or no religion, is a controversial subject that remains a matter of heated debate in the Muslim world. While a number of liberal and moderate Islamic scholars maintain the Quran gives people freedom to choose their religion, including convert to one other than Islam, the majority of Islamic scholars, jurists, clerics and Muslims believe it to be a capital offense. Under Shariah law, ex-Muslims are to be put to death.

What was Malcolm X's religion?

Nation of Islam. Malcolm X became a member of the Nation of Islam ( based on Black pride and the teachings of Islam). However, after his personal experiences and personal conflict; he left the group. Although Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam, he remained a Muslim and lived under the tenants of Islam until his death.

What had Muhammad achieved by the time of his death?

by the time of his death in 632 muhammad had undifed much of the arabian pensula under islam

If a catholic woman marries Muslim man in a mosque must she convert at the ceremony?

Yes,That is possible in Islam __________________________________________ Yes, a Catholic woman can marry a Muslim man. it is not required for a Catholic woman to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man. Per Islam teachings and rules, it is allowed for a Muslim man to marry a Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, Jewish, or Muslim woman. This comes from the fact that per Islam and Quran teachings, Christians and Jews worship same God worshiped by Muslims and; accordingly; they are not called unbelievers but are called holders of the book as they are holders of the Bible and the Torah that Muslims believe they are God holy books as the Quran is. However, as the husband, per Islam teachings, is responsible of the family financial responsibilities and expenses (even if the wife works, she is allowed not to spend on family cost of living) and the children bear the father name, children are raised up as Muslims until they become mature enough to chose their religion per their free will. The Christian or Jewish woman after marriage is allowed to practice her ritual worship at home as well as in the church.

Can Hindu man marry Muslim woman without channging religon?

no because the Hindu man worships Hindu gods and Muslim women worship the one god Allah so they might have fight of what religon is better so it better if Muslim women marry Muslim men and Hindu men marry Hindu women that for no fight TIP:REMMEMBER THAT YOU CAN MARRY A HINDU MAN IF YOU Change RELIgon AnD YOU caN marrrY A MUSLIM WOMEN IF CHAnge REliGoN