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Because world war was more dominate and World War 2 has more killing in world war 2


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No, many more people died in World War 2 than world war 1. It is estimated that 16 million people died in World War 1, and around 60 million in World War 2.World War II was no where near as violent as World War I, but yes, more people died in World War II.

world war 2 took morer lives becaouse half a million people who died in world war 2 was civilions and the holcaoust did most of the work.Between POW's and storming the beach and concentration camps.Each took more then the other

World War I was not more horrific than any other war. Some would say World War II was though.

More people from USSR fought than in any other country.

The Civil War killed more people than any other war.

WW1 was very hard not only on the people fighting the war, but the people whose family members were in the war were also impacted for the fear of that (those) family member(s). More people were killed in that war than any other war in the world.

world war 2 kid, think about it, Jews, lots and lots of Jews...

world war 2 was more of a world war. It was fought on more fronts and included more countries.

people where yelling at each other

the political cause is that people wanted other countries and more=food, silly people, picture frames ..... POWER=

Imperialism made it a world war. The world-wide colonies spread the war to all corners of the globe and brought more and more cultures and people into the conflict.

No. The name people sometimes called WW1 was the war to end all wars. People called it this because they thought after this there will be no more war because of how brutal WW1 was. Other names it had was the Great War.

People were shooting at other people.

More than nine million soldiers and civilians died in world war one. unforchunatlymore than 15 million people were killed

the people of Africa had more major laws after world war 2

WWI: about 16 million people died WWII: over 60 million people died

The Nazi Holocaust of the Jews took place in World War 2 ...

It is quite common that when soldiers go off to war, their families miss them.

They didn't have enough weapons to kill the other war people

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