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Which Vietnam is good North or South

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Q: Why did north Vietnam fight with south Vietnam?
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How did president eisenhower help the government of south Vietnam fight against the communist?

Eisenhower sent troops to South Vietnam so they can fight North Vietnam because North Vietnam wanted to take over South Vietnam and they did.

Why did America get into a fight with Vietnam?

America helped out SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was attacking it.

Where did they fight the Vietnam war?

Air war-North Vietnam Ground war-South Vietnam

Who did the Vietnamese fight in the Vietnam War?

Overall it was a battle between South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

Where did the US fight in Vietnam?

North Vietnam=Air War South Vietnam=Ground & Riverine War

Who was the Vietnam communist?

Southerners living in South Vietnam who sympathized with the Communist North, were the Viet Cong (VC). Communist North Vietnam, sent it's NVA (North Viet Army) south into South Vietnam to fight US/Allied forces. So, there were two basic enemies in South Vietnam: The communist sympathizers (VC) who already lived in South Vietnam. And the communist NVA, who marched from their homeland in the north, to fight in the south.

Why did the U.S. fight north and south Vietnam?

We only fought the north. They were the communist aggressers.

Where did the Vietnam fight at?

The "Air War" was fought over North Vietnam. The "Ground War" was fought in South Vietnam.

Why did north Vietnam defeat south Vietnam?

North Vietnam has NEVER defeated south Vietnam! They didn't even fight with each other. They are two parts of one country. Where did you get that kind of information??

Why did the north want to fight the south?

US Civil War=North wanted to retain the South Vietnam War=North wanted to conquer the South

What was the South Vietnam role in the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam wanted to fight,but North Vietnam wanted peace.The Americans tryed to stop South Vietnam from vading the North,and then it became war.Between everyone.Sorry if my answer is wrong,I am just 10 years old....hehe :)

How did the American war with South Vietnam end?

The United States didn't fight against South Vietnam in fact they were allies fighting against North Vietnam.

How were the Vietcong different from North Vietnamese army?

The Viet Cong were a cadre of patriot civilians in South Vietnam who were willing to fight for Vietnam's unification. The North Vietnamese Army was assembled and trained in the North, and sent south to fight to discourage and remove the United States and their allies from what they called the 'occupation' of South Vietnam.

Who did the US fight during the Vietnam?

The Communist North Vietnam acting in support and defence of the capitalist South Vietnamese.

Who are the current leaders of north and south Vietnam?

There is no North and South in Vietnam. Just Vietnam.

Why did North Vietnam attack South Vietnam in 1957?

The north Vietnamese wanted south Vietnam reunited with north Vietnam

Were did the us fight in Vietnam?

The USAF & USN fought in NORTH Vietnam (in the skies); the US Army & USMC fought on the ground in SOUTH Vietnam.

What are problems that led to the Vietnam War?

The "Cold War" was a battle against communism. North Vietnam was a communist country trying to take over South Vietnam which was NOT a communist country. The US was helping South Vietnam fight North Vietnam so that communist North Vietnam could NOT take it over.

How did fighters get from North Vietnam to South Vietnam?

North Vietnam moved to South Vietnam by rice rich right ?

Did the north Vietnam win or the south Vietnam?

the north won and the south loss

How did the struggles between north Vietnam and south Vietnam end?

north vietnam won and south vietnam lost now south vietnam has toxic wate down there but north vietnam has clean water

Where is north of Vietnam?

North Vietnam WAS located north of the 17th parallel. South VN was south of it.

Which Vietnam is good north or south?

The North were the communists. The South was the free republic (of South Vietnam).

Where is north Vietnam?

There no longer is a North Vietnam, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were joined together after the Vietnam War.

Why did the North South Vietnam army US Army and Vietcong army fight?

How do you not know this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!