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Some came to build a new life. Others came to make their fortunes. Many came to escape poverty; the living conditions in England were terrible for the poor. Some came as prisoners who were sent to Georgia on parole. Many came as indentured servants of the upper classes.


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People came from England to America to make a better life for themselves. These people wanted to make their dreams come true.

The desire to become an American citizen.

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They were looking for religious freedom

The desire to become an American citizen.

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Most people in the New England colonies came to America for freedom of religion. Some also had economic reasons.

They left England for America to be rid of religious discrimination.

People left England and came to America because they wanted freedom from the British ruler who at the time was King George the 3rd, but more importantly they wanted religious freedom.

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The Puritans were a group of people, mostly families, who came from Europe to America to reform the church of England.

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