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For many people, there was no alternative but the Church in which they were raised.

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The Middle East is a very diverse area, as a result, it is difficult to generalize about.

The main language spoken by the people in Middle America is Spanish. The main religion of these people is Christianity.

why do you think people in the middle colonies were more tolerant of other colonies

By allowing people to do their own religions.

Traditions of religions were usually the reason.

Yes, because of the land and free religion many different people of many different religions lived there.

Great awakening = more religions More religions = more people with different beliefs more people with different beliefs = more difficult to be intolerant.

People went to the Middle Colonies because these areas were more tolerant towards those who believed differently than them. They were more accepting of all religions, and of all people.

people of the middle east all have different religions but mostly islam judaism and christianity

It depends what colony. Yes, some colonies, such as Pennslyvania, Rhode Island, and Conecticut were tolerant according to religions, but colonies such as Maryland were not

Well, when people from other religions pass it down, some people just change the rules in basketball.

It's not that other people are difficult to deal with, it's that we don't want to change to work with them.Because everyone is different.

Islam (Majority), Christianity, Judaism(good people), Zionism(bad people in Israel)

From very foundation of the country people of different religions came and settled. This is one reason there is an amendment in the constitution for the freedom of religion. Only about 20% of population attended church.

Yes, I have known some people that have.

If it's true that Middle Eastern people support the revival of Islam ( I dont know if it is) then it's probably because most people are Muslim in the middle east and people like to see their religions become revived. Since they believe in it and all.

They have to be very careful in their speech and dress and not show outward signs of faith in other religions.

AnswerArchaeologists know that religions already existed more than thirty thousand years ago. It seems likely that the earliest religions provided success in the hunt and helped explain nature to the primitive believers. Religion also provides many people with comfort in difficult times, as well as a sense of purpose. This is a useful purpose and perhaps a reason that religions began.

people changed their religions people changed their religions

Often the kind of decisions that are most difficult for people are the ones that involve making a big change in their life. Decisions that impact other people are also often difficult to make.

There are people of all religions in Queensland

Humanism really promoted education and the free exchange of ideas

No one has special insight into how the future will change people and the religions than they follow.

Why is there a need to respect the religions of other people

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