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Why did people let Hitler do what he did?

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it was more like people did what they did because they thought that Hitler would like it.

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No, he let other people do it.

Basically, the government thought that Hitler was already crazy. They were going to let him rule for a short amount of time because they though he would kill himself by accident, but he didn't. Hitler gained the support of the Nazis, a political party.

Because Hitler didn't care about his people. He pretended to like his people so that he could gain their respect, so they'd support him when he wanted more land.

Hitler was released from prison on December 20 1924.

they let Hitler make an army, they let Germany make a transportation system for troops, allowed Germany to join austria and they let Hitler anex other countrys

Hitler was never elected but people wanted him because he promised he wont let what happened in what was called the great war happen again

Fear ---------------------- the question is: was the plan pushed on by the people or by Hitler? there were many requests from below to either move Jews from their towns/cities or to exteminate Jews (for various reasons), but there was never an order from Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

Hitler let the Nazis do whatever to the Jewish people as long as it meant hurting the Jewish people. Adolf Hitler didnt have to beg the Nazis to join him they wanted to cause they thought is was there chance to hurt the Jewish people and not get into trouble for it.Remember that the Nazis were the Germans there is really no difference between Nazis and Germans.

Because he disagreed with Hitler. He didn't want to let those people die.

well let me see.........HITLER LOLZAA

It wasn't the German people/citizens who let Hitler come to power. It was a secret deal between Von Papen and President Hindenburg, a deal to appoint Hitler as chancellor. Von Papen noticed Hitler was struggling to keep a Reichstag majority thought that keeping Hitler close (Friends close and enimies closer and all that) They thought that they could keep an eye on Hitler. However, they were wrong VERY wrong! So it was a behind the scenes deal that lead to Hitler coming to power, it had nothing to do with the German people voting in fact around this time the nazis lost over 2 million votes and 38 seats in the Reichstag elections that year.

Hitler is a great example for why NOT to let one person have total, or near total power.

Yes, Hitler hated Jewish people.

Adolf Hitler, made people fall into certain beliefs that people, later, fell into his army of disbelief although they were all betrayed by him. He only let people with certain characteristics such as : Blue eyes, blond hair, ....etc. live throughout the holocaust.

Neville Chamberlain let Hitler get a bigger and stronger army and invade Poland and checkislvakia and Austria this was ageinst the Treaty of VERSAILLES

Because they were scared of Hitler and the Nazi party

The Jewish people were the scapegoat for Hitler

Mostly Hitler killed people by shooting them and gassing them.

People thought Hitler was good. Hitler lied to his people, to make them think that the people he killed were disgusting. but in reality . they are not.

No, Hitler did not kill people himself. Hitler had his own army (Hitler's Army) which helped him kill the Jew's.No

Hitler was a great speaker. And he was very influential. It didn't take long for the National Socialist Party to name Hitler as their leader.

Hitler was the persecutor and the Jewish People were the persecuted.

Hitler targeted many people, but his main target was the Jewish people.

hitler killed millions of people and also gassed them