Why did people say john Cena died?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Why did people say john Cena died?
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Who won more matches between john cena and the miz?

John cena won and let the miz say i quit

Did John Cena say i quit?

no john cena did not say it,he has a streak in i quit matches

Who is great John Cena or undrataker?

i say john cena... will that's just me

Is john cena and Randy Orton brothers?

No, Randy Orton and John Cena are not brothers. Although many people do say that they look alike, they are not related in any way.

Who is stronger cena or jeff hardy?

I would say John Cena. Cena is much bigger and heavier than Hardy. As a result, he will definitely be stronger than Hardy. Some people even say that Cena is one of the strongest wrestlers for his size and weight.

What family problems does John Cena have?

i cant say but batista is rubbish john cena has won the wwe champions 7 times and john cena does not have a problem with his family.

Does John Cena like black people?

of course John Cena likes black people! he has done a bunch of songs with black people,his career involves contact with black people,and he has friends that are black. -Tracy P. -Sacramento Cali.

Has john cena ever beaten undertaker?

No. John Cena is more limited, but in Undertakers September 2010 condition, I would say if they went at it, Cena might win.

What does john cena say about his wife?

she gives me goosebumps

At breaking point will john cena say you quiet?


What does john cena say at the beginning of his entrance?

apple do

Do john cena got chidlren?

John Cena does not have any children. I think we can all say that he will have children since he is getting married later in the year. CONGRATULAtIONS CENA! lol.