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Andrew Jackson thought that the BUS (bank of the united states) was biased against westerners.

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Why did Jefferson think the National Bank was unconstitutional?

Jefferson thought that the national bank was unconstitutional because there was no provision for Congress to create one.

Why did Jackson kill the national banks?

He believed the national bank was unconstitutional.

How did Jefferson view the National Bank?

He found it unconstitutional

Was the second national bank unconstitutional?

The second national bank was unconstitutional because Andrew Jackson believed that the bank mainly looked out for the rich and powerful and the common man. You have to remember, that during Jackson's presidency it was also the time for the common age (where the president suppots the common people)

Why did Andrew Jackson attack the national bank?

He felt that it was unconstitutional and that it favored the wealthy.

What were the two reasons Jefferson and Madison opposition to a national bank?

They believed that it was unconstitutional - PIPDIP

Why did thomas jeffersons oppose alexander hamiltons idea for a national bank?

becuase it was unconstitutional

Why did Jackson refuse to recharter the National Bank?

Jackson refused to recharter the National Bank because it went against his beliefs. He deemed the bank unconstitutional. He also saw that the attack based on the bank was a very personal attack.

Why did Andrew Jackson not like the National Bank?

Andrew Jackson did not like the National Bank because the bankers would not let poor people borrow money, but they would let wealthy people. (Andrew Jackson was poor.) He thought it was unconstitutional and nothing would get done. stabilizing force in the national economy - novanet/gradpoint

Why did Andrew Jackson not sign the carter for the 2nd national bank?

Andrew Jackson vetoed the charter of the Second National Bank, arguing that the bank was unconstitutional. Prior to becoming President, Jackson served as a U. S. Senatorfrom Tennessee.

What did President Jackson view the national bank as?

President Andrew Jackson viewed the National Bank as a curse to the Republic. Jackson believed that a central bank held too much power in controlling the country's money and he felt that it was unconstitutional.

Why did jeffersonian republicans oppose a national bank?

Because they thought that creating a national bank run by the federal government, would give too much power to the federal government. Jeffersonian Republicans wanted states rights and they saw a creation of a national bank as unconstitutional.

What are two reasons for Jefferson and Madison's opposition to a national bank?

I am not 100% sure about this one, but I will help you as best I can as I am currently an honors social studies student :). They both opposed to a national bank because they thought it was unconstitutional as nowhere in the Constitution did it allow a national bank to be created.

What US Supreme Court case declared the national bank unconstitutional?

None. The US Supreme Court declared Congress had the constitutional authority to establish a national bank to handle the United States financial transactions under the Necessary and Proper Clause in McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 316 (1819).In other words, the Supreme Court declared the national bank constitutional, not unconstitutional.

Why did Thomas Jefferson believe that a national bank was unconstitutional?

Because this power was not enumerated in the Constitution That is the only one you check. :)

What was the national bank debate?

It was the debate that took place between Jefferson and Hamilton about whether or not to establish a national bank! Jefferson was against it and said it was unconstitutional. Hamilton was for it and said it was necessary to keep a stable economy.

How did Hamilton propose to repay the national debt and what was the response of the opposition?

Hamilton proposed an excise tax to repay the national debt by setting up a national bank. The opposition was that taxing was giving the federal government too much power and a National Bank was unconstitutional.

Who was in charge of the national bank controversy?

I think you mean who was in charge of the National Bank? Not who was in charge of the National Bank controversy? If you are asking who was in charge of it, not the "controversy", then the answer is private banks.

Why did Andrew Jackson oppose the national bank?

Andrew Jackson opposed the first National Bank because he disliked the people running the national bank.

Why did jefferson and madision oppose the national bank?

They believed it was unconstitutional because it was not stated in the constitution that one of the powers of the federal government was to create a national bank. Hamilton however said that it was needed to enforce taxes and that because of the "necessary and proper" clause, they should create a national bank, so they did.

Why were some people opposed to the national bank?

it was very expensive to operate the national bank

Why did Andrew Jackson oppose the first national bank?

Andrew Jackson opposed the first National Bank because he disliked the people running the national bank.

One reason James Madison and Thomas Jefferson objected to Alexander Hamilton's financial policies was that they believed?

the establishment of a national bank is unconstitutional.

What president believed that the constitution did not give congress the authority to create a national bank?

The First Bank of the United States was opposed by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who both believed it to be unconstitutional.

What is the swift code of California national bank?

I think there is none for the bank per swift database.

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