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An apron is easier to wash than the rest of their clothing.

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What do Italian women wear?


What did colonial chefs wear?

The colonial women did the cooking. They wore dresses with aprons.

What did women in the viking age wear?

viking women wore long loose dresses and full length aprons fastned with brooches

Why were black women slaves forced to wear aprons?

Fabric was unheard of for blacks , they took white flour sacks to make aprons, To cover the perhaps only good dress.

What do butchers wear?

they wear APRONS DUDE

What do Shoshone wear?


What did ancient people of Italy wear?

they wore knitted pads and aprons the women wore old torn rags

What kind of clothing did puritan men and women wear?

they wore similar clothes as the pilgrims

What did colonial bakers wear?

During the colonial era, bakers would wear puffy hats and aprons. The majority of the bakers were women, so they would normally wear dresses.

What did candle makers wear?


What clothes did the Gabrielino tribe wear?

The men and children generally did not wear clothing, as the temperature was so warm and they did not have the social conventions that we have today. Women wore deerskin aprons.

Pictures of women working in factories in World War 2 and type clothing did they wear at work?

They wore thick aprons and bandannas.

Did butchers wear leather aprons?


What did shoshone Indians wear?

In the summer the Shoshone women wore aprons and the men wore loincloth.In the winter they weared clothes from deer hides and in even colder weather they wore buffalo that allIn the summer Shoshone women wore aprons and men wore loincloths.

What type of clothing did the colonist wear?

the women wore dresses and aprons. the men wore coats, shirts, and pants. Both wore stockings.

Who wears aprons?

All good cooks, chefs and housemaid wear aprons so that they dont dirty their clothing.

What type of clothing did Shoshone Tribe wear?

boys wear Breechcloth and girls wear aprons

Why do you wear aprons?

i think to protect contaminating things

What do the different aprons in ClubPenguin do?

light Blue aprons are for ice cream Green aprons are for coffee Brown aprons are blacksmith Red aprons with pizza on them are to flip pizza Black is ninja apron dark blue aprons are for cake Just wear no clothes just the apron or chef hat and dance

What color aprons do bakers wear?

any colour they want

Why do chefs wear checked pants?

to match their checkered aprons

Why do doctors wear aprons?

to stop getting blood on there clothes

What did chandlers wear in medieval times?

they wore aprons for work

What did the puritan children wear?


What did the Chumash have to wear?

The men wore deer skin capes but were completely nude. The women wore short deerskin skin skirts and aprons!! i love one direction ;)