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If they were killed, the body would be identified

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They did that so if they died they could be identified and the families told of their death. There was a great fear that they would be buried unknown and the civil war was before the introduction of dog tags.

The Russian soldiers were called Bolsjeviks.

The people of Boston (Aka the Patriots) had some pretty mean names for the British soldiers. They were called Redcoats due to their red uniforms, and Lobseterbacks because back then everyone hated lobsters and the uniforms were red. They also called them Regulars, Kings men, and other names still around today.

The Giants have worn names on the backs of their road jerseys since the 1960s. During the 1994 season, San Francisco unveiled new cream-colored home uniforms that do not have have names on the backs. In short, there are names on the road and no names at home.

No. The Yankees have never worn uniforms with their names on the back.

"Civil War" is a proper noun. So would be any of the names of the battles or the soldiers who fought in them.

What were the names of the three border states that remained neutral during the civil war?Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri.

No. The Yankees never wore their names on their away uniforms.

Is the word you're looking for "cavalry"? This is the general term for mounted troops. (In modern armies, it sometimes refers to mechanized divisions... i.e. tanks... rather than soldiers on actual horses.)

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Rebs, Johnny Rebs, Rebels, the Grays; all names for Confederate soldiers

· Quantrill, Confederate Captain William and his "Quantrill's Raiders"

They were names of prisons that held people during the Civil War.

names of soldiers at omaha beach

Civil War toy soldiers can be made of many materials like the plastic ones made my MARX. Another brand of plastic ones is Conte which a person can buy and play with.

the union are the south the confederate army are the north

It is impossible to provide all the names of the soldiers and civilians who died in the US Civil War. Record keeping was poor by today's standards. Also, many soldiers were deserters and cannot be accounted for.

Bluebellies, Billy Yank, Yanks or Yankees are some of the names Confederate soldiers had for Union Forces

The Confederate soldier was known by many names including: Johnny, Reb, Greyback, Butternut, and Secesh.

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