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Q: Why did states create individual constitutions?
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Did the state constitutions guarantee individual rights only after they were listed in the national bill of rights?

Yes. The states constitutions did guarantee individual rights only after they were listed in the national bill of rights.

What provision of governing was in the individual state constitutions?

Unification of Powers was the provision of governing that was in the individual state constitutions.

The power of the state to enact and enforce laws comes from which court?

In the United States that power comes from the individual state constitutions and from the United States Constitution.

What allowed Louisiana and other states the right to create their own constitutions and governments?

The U.S. Constitution gave states the power to make their own laws.

Which states adopted constitutions that limited the power of the?

State constitutions constrain the states themselves.The states adopted the U.S. Constitution to form the federal government.

How did the constitutions of the territories that applied for statehood differ from the constitutions of most Eastern states?

Territories had constitutions that had to be approved by congress while states did not have to have their constitutions approved. Before a territory could enter the Union they needed to draft an acceptable state constitution.

What kind of government did the state of constitutions create?


What doe regulatory agencies have the power to create?


Why did the states make constitutions?

The answer is in the Preamble.

Where do states get their powers from?

State constitutions

Why do states create local governments?

Beacuse state constitutions give legislatures power to create local governments, which recieve charters, or grants of authority, to carry out a wide range of governmental responsibilities.

What is a sentence using the word framework?

The US Constitution provides a framework for the constitutions of individual states. The framework of the Versailles treaty included an admission of guilt by Germany.