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Why did the Colonists dump the tea into the harbor?


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To protest from the king of England. Also to protest the taxes on tea, because they though the tax wasn't necessary and the taxes were way to high


the tax was only 3 cents per a pound! that is not too high at all


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It was in reaction to the new taxes on tea.

The colonists dumped a lot of tea in the harbor- 90,000 pounds! Wowza!

The colonists dumped tea into the Boston harbor, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The day of the Boston Tea Party. Which was December 16, 1773

the colonists dumped 342 boxes of tea into the harbor.

because the british kept taxing the tea! so the colonists decided too protest, and dump the tea into Boston Harbor

Many colonists protested the Tea Act. On December 16, 1773 a group of colonists in Boston dressed as Native Americans. They boarded three Tea ships. They dumped 342 chests of Tea into the Boston Harbor. Several colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to Boycott or Protest the Tea act.

Because the colonists who lived in Boston were protesting against unfair taxes.

It took 2-3 hours to dump the 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.

They dumped tea into the harbor to make a point, to show the British that they would no longer tolerate their attempts to rule the colonists.

Paul Revere did not dump the tea into the Boston Harbor. A group of colonists boarded a ship on the night of December 16, 1773 and working quickly dumped valuable tea into the bay. This is known as the Boston Tea Party.

So they can show that they could live without british made products

The British government passed the Tea Act. WRONG the tea act just bailed out the british east india company

Boston, Massachucetts. The event is recorded in history as the Boston Tea Party. A link is provided.

To protest the tax on tea.

December 16th, 1773, He helped dump 342 chest of tea into the Boston harbor!

The colonists threw tea into the Boston Harbor.

American colonists did not want to pay the tea tax that Britain had recently established in the colonies. To show their discontent, the people of Boston dumped tea into the harbor to show that they were not going to pay for it.

so they could swim and drink tea out of the harbor

Boston Tea Party dumped the tea into the harbor because they smuggled tea because they thought the taxes weren't fair.

The Bostonians at the Boston Tea Party dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.

The colonists because they did not want to pay for the British's taxes so they planned to dress and Indians and go on the British's ship and decided to dump all of the tea into the Harbor.

The colonists did not want to pay the taxes that was placed on tea.

No. It is very unlikely that Ben Franklin helped dump crates of tea into Boston Harbor

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