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Q: Why did the East government open the gates to the Berlin wall?
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When did the Berlin Wall open?

The Berlin Wall was a barrier constructed by the German government on August 16, 1961. The Berlin wall completely separated East and West Berlin.

Was there pressure put on West Germany to open the gates?

We put pressure on the East Germans...they had the wall.

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When was Berlin Wall build?

Although East Germany was already sealed off from West Germany, Berlin had an "open" border. In 1961, East Germany closed the border and built the Wall dividing West Berlin from East Berlin. The area of East Berlin was the Sovjet zone, while West Berlin was compounded of the French, British and U.S. zones. The Eastern Bloc, under the control of the USSR, fell in 1989, as did the infamous Wall". The next year, Germany celebrated Reunification (Oct. 3, 1990)

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When was the building of the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall, a mostly stone structure replete with barbed wire, security posts, spotlights, and protected open spaces on its interior, was built in 1961. In its completed state, it formed a blockade around the entirety of West Berlin, thereby preventing land-passage into or out of the city via East Berlin or other connected portions of East Germany.

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