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Q: Why did the Federal government have to send troops to the south after the civil war?
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The 10 years after the civil war when the government tried to repair the south?

Reconstruction; in 1877, the US began removing Federal troops/administrators from the former Confederacy.

Who was sent to the South to maintain order and enforce Reconstruction laws during the civil war?

Union troops, specifically military officials, were sent to the South during the Civil War to maintain order and enforce Reconstruction laws. These troops sought to uphold the authority of the federal government and facilitate the transition of the Southern states back into the Union.

During the Civil War which side wanted to limit the power of the federal government?

The South.

Violence against republican in the south caused the federal government to?

increase the number of troops in major cities

What federal government was established during the Civil War to aid the poor in the south?

Continental congress

What disagreement did South had with the federal government in the mid 1800's Civil War?

Deeply ingrained racial prejudice and enhanced resentment of the north, is clear that the south was a somewhat intractable problem for the federal government.

Violence against Republicans in the south cause the federal government to?

increase the number of troops in major cities

Why do you think the confederate government wanted all federal troops to leave the south?

confederate ordered them to leave because they formed a new government and it was their territory

What was the Union in the Civil War?

The Union was the Federal Government of the United States of America. They were the "North," the Confederates the "South."

Was the federal troops on the north or south?


What key difference between the north and the south led to the civil war?

The Civil War was really all about slavery. The South wanted slavery to continue, and generally the North wanted slavery to end. However, from the South's point of view the Civil War was all about states rights versus federal government rights. The South wanted the states to have more rights and therefore more power than the federal government. The North generally wanted the federal government to have more rights and therefore more power than the states.

An issue that divided the north and south and led to the civil war was the?

the balance of power between the the states and the federal government