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Why did the French academy of science create the metric system?


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March 31, 2015 1:46AM

In 1790, the National Assembly of France asked the French Academy of Sciences to create a standard system of weights and measures, thus the metric system was created. By 1960, it had developed into the modern SI system. Developers wanted new standards because having different, incompatible systems made scientific and commercial information difficult to use and exchange. During the 20th Century, many of the metric measurements were adopted worldwide, although countries such as the US still use English units in non-scientific applications.
The Metric System The metric system is a decimalized system of measurement. The system has different choices of base units but the choice does not affect its day to day use. Over the last couple of centuries, different systems have been considered "the metric system". Since 1960, the International System of Units, or Systeme International d'Unites (SI), has been internationally accepted as the standard metric system. The first civilization to record measurements is thought to be Egypt. Egypt was less advanced so instead of rulers and yardsticks they used sundials and levels. Later, in Rome, the terms foot, inch, and yard were refined. The length of the foot was based on the size of the foot of the emperor. As late as the 19th Century, the English and other systems had not been standardized. The metric system both standardized measurements and made them easily convertible to larger and smaller units.