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because of Hitler i will not go in to Hitler because he is a bad bad man

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What did the Nazis do to the Jews in gas chambers?

The Nazis put the Jews to death in the gas chambers.

How did Jews meet their deaths?

They were put in gas chambers

Why did the Germans put the Jews in the gas furnace?

Becayse, Gac chambers are a cheap, most effective and quick way of killing a bunch of people

What did the Germans do to the Jewish people if they were caught?

They were probably put in gas chambers or hung or even put to starve.

What happend to the Jews in the Holocaust?

They were killed, shot, beaten, put in gas chambers.

How were Jews tortured by Nazis?

He would put in gas chambers like a stupid!

How many Jews were put in a gas chamber at a time?

Thousands of jews were killed in gas chambers using Zyklon-B gas. Hundreds of them were put in there it all depends on the size of the gas chamber

How did Nazi's treat Jews during the holocaust?

They put the Jews into gas chambers and gased them , they beat themmade them work

How were most of the Jews murdered?

They were put in the gas chambers and gassed. That and mass shootings would be the top two.

Were the Jews mostly killed by gas chambers or furnaces?

Killed in the gas chambers (disguised to look like shower rooms), and then their bodies were put in the furnaces to burn-up (dispose) of the bodies.

Were the Jews put in the crematory alive?

Yeah, if not put in gas chambers alive, they were put in crematories alive. ____ No, they were gassed first and the corpses were burnt in crematoria.

In concentration camps why were prisoners treated badly?

Well the Germans who ran them just plain hated the Jews. They thought all their troubles were originated from the Jewish people. So then they made them work, put them in gas chambers, and tortured them.

How did Hitler put the Jews in the gas chambers?

Hitler did not put the Jews in gas chambers, he ordered other people to march Jews into gas chambers. Engineers like Eichmann designed the chambers as well as the protocols for putting Jews into them. Jews would be told by the security officers that prior to processing, they would be given a shower to clean off from the long and smelly train ride to the camp. They were told to completely undress, place their clothes in a neat pile (which would be confiscated by the Nazis post-mortem) and head into the large "shower" room. Then the door was sealed shut and the zyklon b gas was released, asphhyxiating and murdering them.

Why did the Germans put Jews in ghettos?

There is no actual reason. The germans have hated Jews since the middle ages. Hitler re-awoke that. The germans wanted Jews to be separated from the germans. They just REALLY hated Jews.

How did Hitler plan to eliminate the Jews?

Hitler planned to eliminate Jews by bringing them to death camps to be shot, put in gas chambers, or to die by catching a disease.

How were the Jews treated by Hitler and the step to death?

The Jew were put into gas chambers and died instantly and their bodies were burned. aww!!

Were the Jews out to destroy Hitler?

No, Hitler was an antisemitic racist, he was out to destroy all Jews. Hitler was a evil man who killed all Jews at special camps he raped the women and put them in gas chambers or put them to work till death.

How did foreign diplomats try to save jews?

they tried to board them onto trains but Hitler was sending trains to Concentration Camps to put jews to death by the gas chambers

What did the Germans do to the Jews?

They collected them, put them on trains and shipped them out to "camps" where they were imprisoned until it was time for their execution. Large furnaces and gas chambers were used to kill mass amount of Jews. The Germans believed that the Jews had infiltrated the highest levels of the governments and banks, and were manipulating the economy to transfer all the wealth to themselves. It is called The Holocaust (but the Nazis themselves called it was the "final solution of the Jewish question".. Between 5 and 6 million Jews were killed.

What sort of duties were typically assigned to members of the sonderkommando?

Sonderkommandos basically put the Jews in the gas chambers, and cleaned up the dead bodies.

How do you get rid of Nazis?

Put them in gas chambers.

When did the Nazis put the Jews in ghettos?

basically as soon as the Germans occupied a country, they would put the Jews into ghettos.

What did Jews suffer from in death camps?

they suffered the unthinkable, they were destroyed in their minds, hearts,and spirits. They were treated very badly. They got little or no food and had to work constantly in the camps with tough management from the Germans. The Germans would beat them if they didn't "cooperate" with them. Many were shot from the firing squad and many died after being put in the gas chambers

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