Why did the Jews try to escape from Adolf Hitler?

The Jews were trying to escape from Adolf Hitler because Hitlers political party - the NAZI Party which had come to power in Germany held the belief that the Jews were responsible for Germany losing the First World War and the extremely bad economic conditions in Germany after the War .

The NAZI Party used this ( false ) belief to justify attacks on the Jewish people . The NAZI 's passed Laws to make it legal to attack Jews . They could be beaten , killed or their property taken and they had no protection under the Law in Germany .

Many Jewish people tried to leave Germany but others were unable to escape .

The NAZI's then decided kill all the remaining Jews - this they called the ' Final Solution ' . Jews who could not escape were rounded up from all over Europe and either shot , starved or gassed in extermination camps .

Approximately six and a half million Jews ( men , women and children ) were killed in this way . This terrible event is called - The Holocaust .

( note the NAZI's also killed anybody else they did not like or opposed them )