Why did the Lome IV agreement between the EU and ACP countries fail?

The Lome Agreement used to allow ACP (African, Carribean and Pacific) countries free access to European markets, with no corresponding obligation on the part of the less advantaged countries. However, this was against WTO rules, which said that Europe should either allow everyone the same access to its market, or impose the same duty on the ACP. The Lome Agreement expired in 2000 and now there are negotiations going on for a new form of agreement, called an Economic Partnership, where Europe would financially support the emerging economies of ACP countries, on a case-by-case basis. This is on the condition that the ACP countries open their markets. They have rejected such agreements up to now. One interesting comment is at: http://www.henciclopedia.org.uy/autores/Hormeku/CotonouENG.htm