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Why did the Nazis hate the Jews?

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In the Christian world the Jews had for centuries been blamed for the crucifixion of Jesus. This produced a general anti-Jewish environment, which the Nazis built upon. Putting it as simply as possible:

  • The Nazis claimed that the German Jews were 'alien', 'un-German' and a 'corrupting influence' on Germany and that they were encouraging immorality.
  • The Nazis claimed that the Jews were Communists (and that Communism was a specifically Jewish ideology).
  • There were conspiracy theories that claimed that the Jews were trying to achieve 'world domination'.
  • The Nazis said that the Jews were enemies of Germany, and that Jews and Germans were locked in a struggle to the death. (This was another of those conspiracy theories that many Nazis took seriously).
  • The Nazis claimed that the Jews had made Germany lose World War 1.
  • The Nazis subscribed to racialist theories that claimed that the Jews were inferior to others.
  • However, Nazi Propaganda also portrayed them as very clever indeed, very dangerous and close to achieving world domination: the two don't even begin to fit.
  • Earlier, 'religious' hostility to Judaism had often demonized the Jews and painted them as sinister and evil.
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Why did the Nazis treat the jews the way they did in the Holocaust?

Nazis hate Jews and they hate what there religious beliefs

Why did Jews hate Adolf Hitler and the Nazis?

Jews primarily hate Hitler and the Nazis because Hitler and the Nazis tried to murder the entire Jewish population.

What was the result of the Nazis' hate against the Jews?


Why does the world hate the Nazis?

First of all the whole world didn't hate the Nazis most of it did some countries who the Nazis didn't bother and the countries that didn't like jews didn't hate the nazis now back to the question they didn't like the nazis because they killed jews for no reason and the took over their countries most of it so thats that

Why did Nasiz hate Jews?

Because Hitler and the rest of the Nazis blamed the Jews for losing WW1.

Did the Nazis hate only Jews?

No, the Nazis hated Jews, gypsies, Catholics, gays, people with mental and physical disabilities, and anyone else who wasn't "Aryan."

How Nazis encouraged the Germans to hate the Jews?

Through the media and leaflets and rallies.

How did the Nazis persuade Germans to hate Jews?

Through the media and leaflets and rallies.

What religious group and what party did the Nazis especially hate?

They hated Jews, and the communists

Were the Nazis successful at getting people to hate the Jews?

To a significant extent, yes.

How did the Nazis convince people to hate Jews?

The Nazis skillfully used propaganda and repetition to instill in the German people the idea that Jews were completely ruining everything about Germany.

Who did the nazis hate?

The Nazis believed in the supremacy of the white, Aryan race. As a result, they were against minorities such as the Jews, and black people.

Who else did the Nazis hate apart from Jews?

emotion did not play a large part in who they persecuted.

Why did the Nazis hate Judaism?

I think you'll find that it was the Jews (that is people) that the Nazis hated and that they had very little knowledge of Judaism (the religion).

Who did the Nazis preach an attitude of hatred against?

The Nazis were first and foremost a hate party. They simply loathed: * Jews * Gypsies * Communists * Socialists * Liberals * Homosexuals * Democracy * SlavsJews

Why do Nazis hate Catholics?

Actually Nazis do not hate catholics. Germany lost the war. There are no more Nazis. However, they did hate Catholics during World War 2. A number of Catholic priests helped a number of Jews escape the Nazis into Switzerland and Romania. The Jews went from there to Israel. The protestant pastor Niemoller complained that only 50 protestant pastors were in the concentration camp with him for helping the Jews while 450 Catholic Priests were in the same concentration camp. He wondered what was wrong with protestants.

Did all of the Nazis want to kill the Jews?

There are some examples of Nazis who helped Jews, such as Oskar Schindler, but for the most part, the German people under Hitler were indoctrinated to hate Jews, and the member of the Nazi party followed that mindset.

Why did the Nazis hate the Jews in Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

Please see Related Questions below.

What is the word for people who hate Jews or other cultures?

The Nazis.___Jew-haters - antisemitesthose who hate other cultures are xenophobes or (often) racists.

Why were the Jews singled out as scapegoats by the Nazis?

They need something to blame for the great depression in Germany. Since Hitler hate Jews, he used them has Germany's scapegoats.

What does the Nazis do to the Jews in the Holocaust?

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

Why do Christians hate Nazis for killing Jews if Jews killed Jesus?

The Pope himself has said that the Jews are not to blame in the killing of Jesus. See the quote in the attached Related Link.

Were the Nazis the first people to hate the Jews?

Hell no, many people hated Jews for thousands of years, mainly Christians hated Jews due to different religious believes.

How did Nazis transport the Jews?

Nazis transported the Jews by train mostly.

What did the Jews have to give to the Nazis when they first arrived?

Nazis arrived after Jews.