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Why did the USSR finally decide to invade Japan?


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Because the United States was about to defeat Japan in a matter of days, and Russia wanted to be in on the post-war decision-making processes. By declaring war once Japan was on the ropes, they didn't really risk much militarily.


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USSR never invaded Manchuria, Japan did from 1931-33

Hitler did invade the USSR on 22 June 1941.

Because, as others such as Napoleon found out, you just should try to invade Russia. Everyone who has invade it loses.

To make USSR think that Hitler wouldn't invade USSR. But Hitler did invided USSR.

The USSR was expected to invade Germany at any time during the Cold War, which took place between 1945 and 1990 - although as it turns out, they never did.

All production was still in germany. And it would take alot of power to invade all those countries just to invade the USSR

June 22,1941. It was called Operation Barbarossa.

Starting in 1931 Japan invaded the North Eastern part of China including Manchuria and bordered by the USSR. Please see the related question below.

June 22, 1941 - assuming that your question was intended to be in the past tense (since the USSR no longer exists).

invade korea and fight against ussr

Operation Barbarossa was Hitler's plan to invade the USSR. It was, and still is, the largest land invasion in history.

During the early part of World War Two, the distance of Japan was so far from the US that the Pacific Ocean protected Japan from invasion. The Chinese had no chance to invade Japan and the USSR had an agreement not to engage in combat until the very last days before Japan's surrender.

Stalin worried Japan would attack the USSR on the east end of the country. He did not neet to be enticed to fight against Japan. He wanted to be the one who defeated them.

The USSR invaded Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Afghanistan in 1980.

The invasion of the Soviet Union began on 22 June 1941.

In support of the Saur Revolution and the Communist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan.

USSR was part of the Allies, but mostly because Japan was spreading and their empire was becoming a threat to the USSR

They would've been part of the cold war; instead of the USSR and Red China, it would also be Japan...OR just the USSR and Japan; as Red China would probably have been occupied territory.

In 1940 Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty with Japan. USSR found this treaty to be beneficial for them as in June 1941 Germany launched its invasion against USSR, so Soviet Union could concentrate its troops in the west. USSR didn't want to "break" the treaty with Japan by allowing US to attack Japan from their land.

Operation Barbarossa German troops invade USSR. Italy declares war on the USSR. SS Einsatzgruppen begin campaign of mass murder

They didn't. By the time the USSR finished fighting Germany (by themselves because Churchill and FDR didn't want to help), the US had been fighting Japan for a while. The USSR did declare war on Japan after the Germans surrendered. Before the USSR could do anything, the US dropped it's two atomic bombs. The Japanese were rumored to have started peace negotiations with the USSR agreeing to act as the liason after the Little Boy bombing, but the Fat Man prevented it. Many say the US bombed Japan because they didn't want the USSR sweeping in as the hero.

Germany and the USSR had signed a non-agression pact

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