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Because the United States was about to defeat Japan in a matter of days, and Russia wanted to be in on the post-war decision-making processes. By declaring war once Japan was on the ropes, they didn't really risk much militarily.

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Q: Why did the USSR finally decide to invade Japan?
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When did the Soviet Union invade Manchuria?

USSR never invaded Manchuria, Japan did from 1931-33

Why didn't Hitler invade Russia?

Hitler did invade the USSR on 22 June 1941.

When did the USSR invade Afghanistan?

In December of 1979.

When did Germany try to invade the USSR?


In 1979 what country did the USSR invade?


When did Germany invade USSR?

June 22, 1941

What nation did Hitler invade in June of 1941?

the USSR

Why was it a mistake for Hitler to invade the USSR?

Because, as others such as Napoleon found out, you just should try to invade Russia. Everyone who has invade it loses.

Why did Hitler sign a non aggression treaty with russia?

To make USSR think that Hitler wouldn't invade USSR. But Hitler did invided USSR.

Which country did the USSR invade in 1979?

The USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

When was the USSR expected to invade Germany?

The USSR was expected to invade Germany at any time during the Cold War, which took place between 1945 and 1990 - although as it turns out, they never did.

What was Germany's code name to invade the USSR?

Operation Barbarossa

Why was blitzkrieg more successful in Poland and France than in USSR?

All production was still in germany. And it would take alot of power to invade all those countries just to invade the USSR

Why was it a challenge to invade the USSR?

After ww2 america had more manpower and economy compared to the ussr, America could have easilly defeated the ussr at any point, as well as the USSR was a primary agressor in ww2 by invading finland and poland. The fact that america wouldnt invade them then was proof that the government was compramised even back then.

When did Hitler invade the USSR?

June 22,1941. It was called Operation Barbarossa.

What was the name of Germany's plan to invade the USSR?

The secret Operation Barbossa.

When does Germany invade USSR?

June 22, 1941 - assuming that your question was intended to be in the past tense (since the USSR no longer exists).

What was the US 's mission in Korea?

invade korea and fight against ussr

What countries did the USSR invade prior to the World War 2?

central aisa

What country did USSR invade in 1979 that was much like your Vietnam war?


What province in China did the Japanese invade?

Starting in 1931 Japan invaded the North Eastern part of China including Manchuria and bordered by the USSR. Please see the related question below.

What helped to protect Japan from invasion?

During the early part of World War Two, the distance of Japan was so far from the US that the Pacific Ocean protected Japan from invasion. The Chinese had no chance to invade Japan and the USSR had an agreement not to engage in combat until the very last days before Japan's surrender.

Did Hitler send troops to invade the Soviet Union?

Operation Barbarossa was Hitler's plan to invade the USSR. It was, and still is, the largest land invasion in history.

How was the USSR enticed into the war against Japan?

Stalin worried Japan would attack the USSR on the east end of the country. He did not neet to be enticed to fight against Japan. He wanted to be the one who defeated them.

Which two members of the Communist Bloc did the USSR invade to protect Communism there?

Hungary and Czechoslovakia