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Some people would reverse your question. The US stopped trading with the Axis powers in Europe and Asia and gave assistance to the Allies. If Japan suffered more, it was only because their economy was more dependent on the US. Remember that Germany surrendered before nuclear weapons were fully developed. It is arguable that the US would have reacted with more fury towards Germany had it still existed as an independent entity in August 1945 Because of what the Japanese did to Pearl Harbour

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What does bash mean?

To "bash" means to hit something against something, to strike, or to criticize harshly.

Is harshly a verb?

No, harshly is an adjective.

Is the word Harshly an Adverb?

Yes, harshly is an adverb.Some example sentences using this word are:The judges harshly criticised his performance.She harshly scolded her child.

Why did the Spaniards treated the Aztecs harshly?

why did the spaniards treat the Aztecs harshly

What is the suffix of harshly?

-ly is the suffix for harshly. It means in the matter of and turns it into a adverb.

Can you give me a sentence for the word harshly?

"Don't touch that!" the angry man growled harshly.

What did the Koreans have against japan?

the koreans during WW2 were enslaved by the japanese and ruled them harshly until the chinese kicked them out and soon after the korean war happened

How would peasants be treated?

Lots of people say very harshly so they treated them very harshly

Is harshly a noun?

No, the word 'harshly' is the adverb form of the adjective 'harsh'.The noun form of the adjective 'harsh' is harshness.

What is the synonyms of rigorously?

accurately, conscientiously, exactly, precisely, nicely, thoroughly/ hard, severely, harshly/ badly, extremely, harshly

Why did the Romans treat the Carthaginians so harshly after the Punic wars?

The Romans destroyed the Carthaginian empire in order to be the predominant force in the eastern Mediterranean area . Carthage had proven to be a resurgent competitor and was eliminated for Rome to be the ascendant power .

People conquered by the Romans were treated harshly true of or false?

depends. if they broke the rules, they were treated harshly, but other than that, they were treated fine.

Why were slaves opposed to slavery?

because they were treated harshly, overworked, and were in bad physical condition. they were treated like property and were harshly beaten and discriminated.

How did the Mayas fight?

They fought very harshly!!

Is harshly an adjective?

No, it is an adverb. (The adjective is harsh.)

Why do you judge the Islamic people so harshly?

Not everyone judges Islamic people so harshly, but there are bigots out there who have prejudice views about them because of their association with terrorism.

Is Mitt Romeny a horrible person?

We each have a moment-by-moment opportunity to do good or to do bad. Do not judge anyone harshly, in the hopes that you yourself will not be judged harshly.

In what ways did African Americans lives stay the same after the civil war?

Well, they were still treated harshly; mostly verbally. There was still much predjudice against african americans after the war

What does upbraid mean?

To upbraid means scold harshly.

What did Dave pelzers mom do to him?

She abused him. Very Harshly..:(

Why were the Salem witches so harshly murdered?

Since when does hanged after a legal trial in civil court with a guilty verdict translate to "harshly murdered." And none of them were actually witches.

How do you end a friendship harshly?

Just dont hang out with her anymore and she will get the picture If you want it done HARSHLY, then just go up to her and say you never want to see her again

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