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The us congress had to fight over who was going to have sex with the first lady

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Q: Why did the US feel the need to intervene in foreign affairs in 1917 after a long period of isolationism?
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In world war 1 what did isolation mean?

Actually, the term is isolationism. It refers to American reluctance to get involved in European affairs. It is also used of the interwar period.

What did the US do in between World War 1 and World War 2?

The United States entered a period of "Isolationism", where they had minimal involvement in foreign affairs. Prohibition and the Great Depression also happened during these years; the Depression was partly caused by Isolationism. Changing conditions showed Americans that they and other countries could not stand alone, and needed to work together.

Are the 1920s best characterized as a period of isolation in diplomacy and foreign affairs or one of internationalism?

The 1920s was best characterized as a period of internationalism in diplomacy and foreign affairs. The country was actively seeking ways to strengthen agreements with other countries and trying to build a sense of world peace.

Why was the Ming period of isolationism bad for China?

The Ming period of isolationism was bad for China, because there was bad trade, and the Chinese failed to keep up with the rest of the world . :(

What phrase describes the jazz age?

a period of isolationism and economic decline

What is the repayment period of a foreign loan called?

repayment period of foreign loan

Name another major country whose history includes a period of isolationism?


In what ways and to what extent has Americas changing world view affected social change domestic policy and foreign affairs in the period 1901 to 1945?

nice one man, hw

What did the US gain in Pearl Harbor?

A BackboneThe US public would not support a "foreign" war. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, it became America's war, too. This ended the interwar period of general isolationism, and gave new hope to a beleaguered Europe.

Eighteenth-century Russia and nineteenth-century Japan were similar in that both countries?

began the process of modernization after a long period of isolationism

Why did Americans support Congress instead of Woodrow Wilson?

Americans supported Congress instead of Wilson because Congress wanted to stay out of foreign affairs. During the period of WWI the United States experienced the horrors of war and wished to keep out of foreign affairs afterwards. However, President Wilson wanted the United States to join the League of Nations, which would force the United States to enter wars it may not want to join.

What is the difference between a military revolution and a revolution in military affairs?

assets and time period

What does Salutary Neglect refer to?

The period when Britain loosened its control over American affairs.

How has Australia's foreign policy changed in the period 1942 to 1990?

A bit?

What is The period of time permitted for the payment of foreign bills of exchange?


Foreign travelers in India in medieval period?

the foreigners were in india to explore

Why the ming dynasty closed china off to any foreign influence?

The Ming Dynasty strongly believed in isolationism. In the 1430s, the Hongwu Emperor made Zheng He return from his voyages and entered a long period of isolationism. The Hongwu Emperor scuttled the ships and burnt the voyage's records. He banned all foreign trade. Since the Ming Dynasty was already thriving and was very self-sufficient, the emperor stopped all trade in China saying it needed nothing from the outside "barbarian" world. The main reason why Emperor Hongwu sent China into this long period, known as the dark ages of China, was since it was very expensive to manage the navy fleets when China's main threats were from the Mongols in the north.

What is the number of DFA in Manila?

DFAAuthentication Division,Office of Consular Affairs,Department of Foreign AffairsSouth wing Lobby, 2330 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Metro ManilaTel. No. 834-4000Authentication fee: P100.00Processing period: Five (5) working days

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Read newspapers that are published during that period

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Which two foreign travellers whose writing becomes an important source of information regarding the medieval period?

Which two foreign travellers whose writing becomes an important source of information regarding the medieval period

What were the special features of foreign accounts in Indian history?

The special features of foreign accounts were that they were invaluable source of informations about the medieval period of India.

What country did japan defeat in its first foreign war during the meiji period?


Who were the foreign travellers who visited India during medieval period?

vasco di gama

The policy where the us was staying out of affairs of other countries is called?

There could be several terms that would define one nation staying out of the affairs of other nations. After World War I, the US entered a period of "isolationism" because of the thousands of US troops killed in the war that seemed to accomplish little, in the minds of the American public, and never did fulfill President Wilson's goal of making the world "safe for democracy." Non-intervention is another term that means not taking sides or getting involved in the affairs of another nation. Then there is also the term "neutral nation" when it refers to a nation that does not take sides during a war between other nations.