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  1. Because according to Bush there are weapons of mass destruction there that we can't find. Note: 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines found caches of leathal gasses in the Al Anbar Province in 2007.
  2. Because according to Bush Saddam is working with Al Qaeda despite the fact that they are sworn enemies and Osama Bin Ladin offered Saudi Arabia to fight against Saddam in the first Gulf War.
  3. Because according to Bush it's at least better with Saddam gone in Iraq since not having order, electricty, running water, utilities in general, an excess death rate of 600,000(compared to the 8,000 kurds he bombed and killed), war between militants and the US Army, death around every block is better since Saddam denied all his citizens these great things. Note: At death rate of 600,000 would mean there would not be anyone living there today.
  4. Because according to Bush we are giving them the great ideals of capitalism and democracy, in fact those ideas are so great that they had to be forced on to the Iraqi people since they're too weak or dumb to do what's best for themselves. Note:opinion.
  5. Because according to Bush its best to have a democracy in Iraq made of 33 councillors all of whom have a different ethnicity, 28 of whom are publically on forgein payrolls, who only help those who voted for them (you want water in your house? well u have to vote for me), who never said no to the American army, who are not puppets of America (lets face it, u spend alot of money on regime change, if its democracy it wont stay brought long since they can vote in a new one, so we go for dictators or aristocrates that stay brought) Note: Made up 'facts' and very poor grammar, punctuation and fluidity. Also 'alot' is actually two words.

The official reason that the president (George Bush) gave was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or nuclear weapons, that were potentially harmful to the USA.

The unofficial reason was that America had had enough of Saddam Hussein and wanted him out of government.

For additional reasons for the conflict, please see the related questions.

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Q: Why did the US invade Iraq?
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Which country did the us invade in 2003?


Why did the US lead a coalition to invade Iraq in 1991?

Iraq had invaded Kuwait.

In which year did a US-led coalition invade Iraq?

On 15 June 2014

When did the us military invade Iraq?

In 1991 and 2003.

When did US first invade iraq?

MARCH 2003

Can congress tell us to invade Iraq?

Congress certainly has the power to declare war on Iraq.

What county did the US invade during the gulf war?


Where did US and British armed forces invade in 2003?


Why did US invade Iraq in 2003?

To increase US influence in the Middle East.

Why did the US first invade Iraq?

because of oil. Iraq had invaded Kuwait, an oil producing nation. It was against US interests to allow Iraq to invade another oil producing nation. Further, Kuwait has a significant border with Saudi Arabia, a relatively US friendly nation.

What country did the US invade based on belief that it had weapons of mass destruction?


Why did Iraq invade Turkey before the Persian Gulf War?

Iraq did not invade Turkey. Iraq invaded Kuwait which caused the Gulf War.

When did the US most recently invade Iraq?

Operation Iraqi Freedom March 20, 2003

What date did US and UK invade Iraq?

19 March 2003-1 May 2003

Which country did George Bush sr invade?

Kuwait is where the US troops went after Iraq invaded it.

What is a reason President Bush gave to invade Iraq in the early 2000s?

Iraq had a growing nuclear program. Iraq planned to invade Iran. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction Iraq was harboring terrorists. All of which were false

Why did Iraq invade Kuwait?

Iraq invaded Kuwait bacuse of the oil.

What year did Iraq invade Kuwait?

Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1991

Who did Iraq invade in 1990?

Iraq invaded Kuwait and Suadi Arabi

What year did you invade Iraq?

I have never, nor do I plan to, invaded Iraq.

Did the US invade Afghanistan or Iraqi first?

In the early 90s the US led a coalition that invaded Iraq in the Persian gulf war. The second invasion of Iraq occurred after the invasion of Afghanistan.

When did Iraq invade Kuwait?

in 1991

What are some similarities between Great Britain and the US government?

They were both foolish enough to invade Iraq.

What country did the US first invade to relaliate for the 9-11 attacks?

Afghanistan and later Iraq.

What happened in the Iran-Iraq war?

Saddam Hussein invade Iraq and they couldn't figure out how to stop it the us didn't help either sides and their was no ending